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If New Leaf was your first Animal Crossing game

Yesterday, I went over a list of 60 things that players of the GameCube Version of Animal Crossing are missing out if they stopped. This also includes those that have played all four versions and want to know what it was like if they only played the first one.

Today’s blog entry is going to be about the opposite. I bet you would be glad that all of these previous problems are gone, but we still have the new problems. If New Leaf was your first Animal Crossing game, I recommend that you do not play the older versions. They have fewer features and some of the stuff are much tougher.

This list is just like the generation facts. The elders can remember when home computers never existed or when TVs were only in black and white or when rotary dial landline phones were popular. The new ones (born 2000 or later) could not imagine a world without internet (or imagine what it was even like before Facebook). They would also think that TVs were always HD flatscreen TVs or that phones are hardly phones without texting, mobile games, or music. Other interesting facts are about how icons of older stuff no longer have any meaning in today’s society. Some people can remember when floppy disks were popular and how they can store all of their data (hence the save icon being a floppy disk). Now we have people that don’t understand why the camera app makes a shutter sound when you take pictures. There are still millions of people (who were born before Snow White and the Seven Dwarves first came out in theaters) living today. In addition, people who weren’t even born before Shrek are already in high school. Time flies by fast. In fact, some things that won’t go into style until 2020 will eventually become irrelevant. I know this makes us sound old, but this is what today’s list is going to be like.

60 things you would’t know about Animal Crossing if you only played New Leaf and/or Happy Home Designer

The list begins here. If you haven’t played prior to ACNL (or you want to know what it’s like only knowing New Leaf), you wouldn’t know any of the following.

You wouldn’t know…

  1. Who Olive, Woolio, Stu, Cashmere, Oxford, or Huggy were (as well as the many GameCube villagers that never appeared since their removal).
  2. Animal Crossing once had no Wi-fi travel.
  3. The codes at Tom Nook’s Store were the original way of trading between town to town.
  4. Resetti used to be a lot meaner (always assuming that you would reset on purpose if you haven’t saved your game). There was also a time where he popped out on City Folk even if you never reset (but only for introduction and reminder).
  5. In fact, all animals used to be a lot meaner, even normal villagers (and especially cranky villagers).
  6. But they did teach you lessons about real life.
  7. When animals used to be rude (like forcing you to give up your assets, rudely repainting your roof, forcing a nickname on you and spreading without your permission).
  8. That fossils used to require mailing to the faraway museum for identification (Blathers actually makes a reference to the faraway museum in Happy Home Designer).
  9. Tom Nook used to be the everyman (he sold everything, had selling services like Reese, remodeled houses etc)
  10. Or that Tom Nook used to run the furniture store.
  11. Or that you can only meet Timmy and Tommy at the final expansion.
  12. There was once a remodeling restriction where you were required to have a shopper from another town buy from Tom Nook’s store to get Nookingtons. You would know about Gracie’s fashion checks, but not this.
  13. Speaking of Gracie, she used to be an illegal parker that Copper did not approve of (and how we had to wash her car).
  14. Harriet used to work for Tom Nook.
  15. Redd used to sell furniture too (and have the password restrictions).
  16. Saharah only traded carpets.
  17. The Able Sisters used to only be about pattern designing (and how you could only design patterns as the Able Sisters).
  18. Gulliver was once an alien.
  19. Katie used to be a visitor that wanted to look for her mother.
  20. Lyle used to be some jerk that would cheat you out of your money (rather than a nice guy who scores your house).
  21. The HHA used to be called the HRA. It even sent you letters frequently.
  22. The existence of town models, raffle tickets, the point system, and shopping cards.
  23. You were once required to pay off your house completely to have a bank account.
  24. The fact that you used to make bank transactions with Pelly and Phyllis.
  25. The existence of holidays likes the Sports Fair, Snow Day, Town Day, and Cherry Blossom Festival.
  26. Kapp’n used to be a taxi driver or bus driver.
  27. The island used to require a Gameboy Advance to access.
  28. The existence of NES games in Animal Crossing.
  29. K.K. Slider once appeared in the Café.
  30. Obtaining the golden shovel used to be a lot easier (and obtaining the golden axe used to be a lot harder).
  31. You could delete your first character since Tortimer was the mayor.
  32. Pascal used to be on land.
  33. Shrunk used to be a special visitor.
  34. TVs used to have only one channel (and lamps used to be display-only furniture).
  35. Slot machines used to be in Animal Crossing as furniture.
  36. Fishing at the sea used to be limited to sea basses, red snappers, and barred knifejaws. They were even the same size.
  37. Sea basses used to worth 120 Bells.
  38. Grass deterioration used to be a lot worse.
  39. Animal Crossing used to have a donation system.
  40. Animals never gave you a notice before moving (or packing boxes).
  41. Towns had more levels of elevation (and beaches blended with the grass.
  42. The existence of the acre system.
  43. Storage space used to be more cramped up (and picking up dressers and bureaus counted one to four pocket spaces).
  44. You used to have 15 pocket spaces.
  45. You once had to run to your gyroid assistant to save your game.
  46. The existence of journals and shiny spots.
  47. You had handheld fans as items too.
  48. There was once a city to travel to.
  49. Some of the villagers used to have a different personality.
  50. We used to have only five fruits (as well as coconuts).
  51. Perfect fruits once never existed.
  52. You couldn’t stack fruits on top of each other.
  53. Art used to be only paintings.
  54. The aquarium used to be only fish. There was no seafood.
  55. You could only donate one item at a time.
  56. Celeste used to own an observatory.
  57. The Café used to be part of the Museum.
  58. Sable used to never be friends with you.
  59. Characters used to be a lot shorter.
  60. Human characters used to have limited customization options. We still don’t have coats, mittens, necklaces, or backpacks (even in Happy Home Designer), but it was even worse before New Leaf.

I may have missed some, but this pretty much sums up what Animal Crossing used to be like. It’s amazing to live a long time ago and see all these processes over time (like the history of phones). But life would be a lot harder back then. We should be grateful of the new technology we have. The same is true for Animal Crossing.

The reason I would recommend long-gone fans to play New Leaf is to see what they missed. But the reason why I don’t recommend the opposite is because the gameplay of New Lead has made previous versions (even City Folk) unplayable. I kinda feel that the next Animal Crossing game would do the same to New Leaf and even Happy Home Designer. You’re better off missing what I listed.


3 thoughts on “If New Leaf was your first Animal Crossing game

    1. Even I was interested to learning about what was different to times before me. As I read through history of everyday life, I saw some interesting things that show how much we have progressed over time. I even like learning about older games too.


      1. You know, sometimes I’ve considered looking into getting ACWW or ACCF… But I’d hate not being able to get my hair done or customize things in general. I’ll probably wait until there’s a new real AC game (so not ACHHD or Amiibo Festival, though I have one of those and I want to get the other) to start up another town. 😛
        And yeah, I love learning about older games! Some of them just have this charm that newer ones don’t have, IMO. :/


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