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If you stopped playing Animal Crossing before Wild World

Before I get to business, this blog will not be as active as it once was. If there was any reason, it’s because I have no interest to playing Happy Home Designer in a while. There has been no new DLC since February, HHN challenges are only once a month, and I have been done with Theme of the Week for a while. I have been collecting amiibo cards though. I’m finished with Series 1, 2, and 3 as of today. I finished Series 1 in the month Series 2 came out, I didn’t get a chance to finish Series 2 before Series 3 came out, and I got Series 3 completed before the month of May. The final series comes out in June.

And I am aware of a few Animal Crossing-related news since I was on blog hiatus. I knew about the 15th anniversary of Animal Crossing, as well as the announcement that Animal Crossing (as well as Fire Emblem, which I don’t care about) are heading to iOS and Android. Other than that, there wasn’t much news about it. Last year was more exciting for Animal Crossing since we had two spin-offs released (Happy Home Designer and amiibo Festival) while Mario Kart 8 got the Animal Crossing DLC.

Now going over what the blog entry is about. I may have talked about this before, but I would like to give out a longer list. I actually played all four main series AC games (with City Folk being my least played). But what if you only played the GameCube Version regularly and never played any of the successors? If you stopped playing since the days of Wild World or only played the GameCube Version, you’re missing out on a lot of stuff. You wouldn’t know the new characters, the improvements Animal Crossing had, or the new problems since Wild World came out.

60 things you wouldn’t know if you only played the GameCube Version

The list begins here. If you haven’t played since then (or if you want to know what it’s like if you only stuck to thr GameCube Version), you wouldn’t know any of the following.

You wouldn’t know…

  1. Who Isabelle, Reese, Labelle, Celeste, Lyle, Brewster, or Shrunk are.
  2. Who all of the new villagers are since Wild World (such as Agent S, Antonio, Ankha, Boomer, Fauna, and Bruce).
  3. Not just the fact that characters are fully customizable (top, bottom, shoes etc), but the fact that you can wear any head item or change the hairstyle of your character.
  4. Walking over town had only smooth transitions.
  5. You can swap furniture pieces with villagers.
  6. The watering can and slingshot were tools.
  7. You can heal your character with medicine.
  8. Items such as the Mush Series, Mad Scientist’s Theme, arcade items existed in Animal Crossing.
  9. You can hang wall furniture in your house.
  10. Some villagers (like Midge, Gwen, Louie, and Admiral) were actually removed when Wild World came out.
  11. Which includes Wisp the ghost.
  12. Speaking of that, you wouldn’t know that rafflesias can grow in your town out of neglect.
  13. Or that stumps had patterns.
  14. Holidays such as Toy Day and Halloween were once removed while stuff like La-di Day and Yay Day were existing holidays.
  15. You also wouldn’t know that new holidays since City Folk were added.
  16. Redd sold counterfeit works of art.
  17. Gracie owned a store called GracieGrace.
  18. Copper and Booker were once British soldiers that blocked the town gates (or the existence of town gates in general).
  19. You can dispose unwanted items in trash furniture.
  20. The fact that the Able Sisters sold clothes and weren’t limited to pattern design.
  21. Tortimer retired as mayor and your first character became mayor.
  22. Which inlcudes mayoral features such as Public Works Projects and Town Ordinances.
  23. Tom Nook no longer runs the main store. He became a real estate agent.
  24. Houses had more than just the basement, main room, and second floor.
  25. You could save your game anywhere and not just run to your house.
  26. You could store furniture in your dressers/bureaus. Not only that, but you had a lot of storage space and can unload furniture anywhere.
  27. Animals can get sick.
  28. You had the option to move to other towns.
  29. The Museum once had a Café (and the Café was a standalone attaction).
  30. You could get campers to move to your town.
  31. Animals give you notice that they would move out of town.
  32. You can get animal pictures.
  33. Your character can have emotions.
  34. The existence of tarantulas and scorpions (as well as all of the new fish, insects, and fossils).
  35. Sea basses had higher prices (and how the character’s pun was related to how people were annoyed with sea basses).
  36. The turnip prices had a glitch where they will always be low if you time traveled.
  37. NES games, balls outside, and the island were removed (as well as the dock in the big lake).
  38. Blathers can identify fossils at the museum.
  39. The whole point system and the shopping card.
  40. Bell bags can store up to 99,000 Bells.
  41. Tom Nook’s store split to many different branches by New Leaf.
  42. Pitfalls were renamed to pitfall seeds.
  43. Resetti asks why you reset if you haven’t saved your game (with batteries dying being one of the reasons).
  44. Grass can wear down if animals walk on it.
  45. The existence of perfect fruits, persimmons, shrubs, bananas, lychees, durians, mangoes, and lemons in Animal Crossing.
  46. TVs can change channels every hour.
  47. Furniture can be modified.
  48. Snow people had four different types.
  49. K.K. Slider had an alter ego – DJ KK.
  50. You could share towns through the internet (or even use Wi-Fi to travel to other towns.
  51. Controveries involving the community (such as seeding, duping, powersaving, and Club Tortimer).
  52. The existence of Pro-designs and QR codes in Animal Crossing (as well as designing patterns anywhere for free).
  53. The island tour challenges.
  54. Animals could move in front of your house (as well as the fact that sign posts were removed).
  55. The existence of fortune cookies.
  56. Animals can visit your house.
  57. Also, the Bulletin Board no longer had announcements that animals buried special items somewhere.
  58. Lamps actually turned on and off.
  59. Fishing Tourneys only occured once a month (as the insect counterpart was introduced).
  60. The new orientation of villager chat.

Basically, you missed a lot of stuff. If you haven’t played AC in a while, you should give it a try. And even if most of Nintendo’s franchises weren’t as good as they were back in the Nintendo 64 era and GameCube era, Animal Crossing was one of the franchises that improved. I may have missed a few things, but this pretty much sums up what it was like if you only stuck to the GameCube Version of Animal Crossing. Yeah, it may sound depressing that they missed all of that, but it’s better to be late to the party than not show up at all. We may know all about Ocarina of Time, right? I never played that game until like 17 years since its release. I never even played a Zelda game before Ocarina of Time. At least I finally gave it a try. Maybe these former Animal Crossing players would come back to playing Animal Crossing and these new games.

If all of the historical figures saw how the world changed, then Leif Erikson would know about Columbus’s many voyages to the Americas, Leonardo da Vinci would be impressed with Benjamim Franklin, Walt Disney would be a Star Wars fan, and our founding fathers would see how we actually expanded human rights since they died. It’s too bad that they missed out on all that, but at least they didn’t see how the world actually got worse. I would bet that they would get mad at what really happened in today’s world if they saw the bad stuff.

Tomorrow will be about the opposite of what this entry is about.


One thought on “If you stopped playing Animal Crossing before Wild World

  1. Great post! 🙂
    Though I can confirm Midge and Gwen are in ACNL, as is the island… I don’t know if you were only thinking of ACWW when you wrote those things, but you mentioned ACNL-exclusive things in your list, so…


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