Achievement System and Prizes

Chapter 28
While many players are getting badges, Andrea got trophies for her hard work.

Even though Nintendo still doesn’t have an official achievement system like Sony and Microsoft did, some (if not, one) their games had an achievement system. We can be glad that Animal Crossing is already following that trend. And New Leaf is the first game in the series to do so. You can already get badges for working towards your skill.

However, I always wanted to play a game where you earn a gift for unlocking a certain achievement, ever since I was playing Little Big Planet 2. This chapter is about the achievement system I seek based on the previous and next chapters in this idea book. This isn’t going to be long, but it has adequate information about what I expect in the next game.


There are 30 achievements in total, one per field you’re playing in. Once you reach completion, near completion, or passed a certain quota, a badge will be earned.

Row 1 – Hunting Achievements:

The first row is all about hunting and scavenging for resources. The more you obtain something out of hunting, the closer you’re getting a badge for each. And when you pass the quota, you earn a badge. Island Tours do not count towards this.

  • Expert Bug Hunter – catch 2,000 insects
  • Expert Fisherman – catch 2,000 fish
  • Expert Diver – catch 2,000 seafood
  • Balloon Hunter – shoot down 300 balloons
  • Excavator – uncover 1,000 items from digging buried items
  • Master Miner – extract 200 minerals by breaking rocks

Row 2 – Appreciation Achievements:

The second row is on badges that show how much of each feature you appreciate. The more you do something, the closer you are to earning a badge. You earn a badge and associated prize after passing the quota. The first half is on appreciation in general, but the second half is on landscaping.

  • Tree Hugger – collect 2,000 fruit or furniture from shaking trees
  • Medalist – earn 2,000 medals from the Island Tours
  • K.K. Slider Fan – listen to K.K. 100 times
  • Master Gardener – grow 500 trees or shrubs
  • Flower Guardian – water 500 wilted flowers
  • Weed Menace – pull 5,000 weeds

Row 3 – Main Street/Re-Tail Achievements:

The third row is all about the badges that involves financial information, items, and interior design. Higher scores or more money made/spent brings you closer to your badge.

  • Tycoon Bell Saver – save 100,000,000 Bells in you ABD
  • Master Trader – make 10,000,000 Bells in profit at the Stalk Market
  • Master Shopper – spend 5,000,000 Bells in shopping (spending in others towns count towards it too)
  • Catalog King/Queen – complete your catalog 100% (which excludes region-specific items, DLC, and special stationary)
  • Repairman – refurbish 200 items at the Re-Tail
  • Interior Design Master – score 300,000 points at the HHA

Row 4 – Progression Achievements:

The fourth row is on badges that you earn for getting a complete status. Two of them are relatively easy as pie on alternative/future characters, but if you’re using only one character, all of them would require work.

  • Professor of Entomology – complete insect encyclopedia
  • Professor of Ichthyology – complete fish encyclopedia
  • Professor of Seafood – complete seafood encyclopedia
  • Remodeler – pay off all of your house debts
  • Environmentalist – achieve perfect town status for 15 days
  • Museum Representative – complete the Museum (or talk to Blathers when the Museum is complete)

Row 5 – Representative Achievements:

The bottom row is on Wi-Fi and village representative badges. The first half is on Wi-Fi, while the second half is on playing the game in general.

  • World Traveler – visit 200 towns
  • World Host/Hostess – host 200 visitors
  • Sandman – visit 500 dream towns
  • Great Samaritan – complete 200 villager chores
  • Postmaster – mail 200 letters
  • Village Representative – play for 500 hours


Each achievement is associated with a prize that you cannot order on the catalog, but can never be disposed. Here are the prizes you get with each:

  • Expert Bug Hunter – animatronic butterfly
  • Expert Fisherman – animatronic fish
  • Expert Diver – animatronic crab
  • Balloon Hunter – golden slingshot
  • Excavator – golden shovel
  • Master Miner – Rock Model
  • Tree Hugger – Tree Model
  • Medalist – Island Model
  • K.K. Slider Fan – golden guitar
  • Master Gardener – golden axe
  • Flower Guardian – golden watering can
  • Weed Menace – Weed Model
  • Tycoon Bell Saver – ABD
  • Master Trader – Re-Tail Model
  • Master Shopper – T&T Emporium Model
  • Catalog King/Queen – HCM (Home Catalog Machine)
  • Repairman – Ables Department Model
  • Interior Design Master – Mansion Model
  • Professor of Entomology – golden net
  • Professor of Ichthyology – golden fishing rod
  • Professor of Seafood – golden wetsuit
  • Remodeler – Nook’s Homes Model
  • Environmentalist – Town Hall Model
  • Museum Representative – Museum Model
  • World Traveler – Train Model
  • World Host/Hostess – Train Station Model
  • Sandman – Dream Suite Model
  • Great Samaritan – House Model
  • Postmaster – Post Office Model
  • Village Representative – Plaza Model

Platinum Status

Once you collect all 30 badges, Phineas will have one more item to give out – the platinum statue. The platinum statue resembles your character, and it’s something you can put in your house. The platinum statue represents that you have completed Animal Crossing and collected all 30 badges. At the same time, your Town Pass Card will change to platinum instead of blue or pink.

If all four characters in your town reached platinum status, your town will be marked under platinum status as long as anyone visits your town through the Train Station or Dream Suite.

Traditional Mode

Even on Traditional Mode, the achievement system still exists, but when you’re at Tier Three, the badges and the associated prizes are gone. Phineas doesn’t even appear in town.

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