Holiday Checklist and Holiday Creator

Chapter 14
Halloween parties are allowed if Halloween is enabled in town.

Chapter 9 covered the four mayoral features, which included two new ones and two old ones that were improved. The last feature was the holiday manager. And what can you do with it? Decide what holidays will be celebrated in town, decide what visitors can visit your town, and create new holidays.

Back in Wild World, holidays were removed to be politically correct or culturally neutral, but that created criticism. At least the lack of holidays in Wild World wasn’t as bad as City Folk’s grass deterioration or especially New Leaf’s Club Tortimer. But it still caused complaints. Therefore, holidays made a comeback in City Folk. But then again, not everyone celebrates the same holidays. For instance, Bunny Day was based on Easter, where the true meaning was about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only Christians believe in Jesus, which means Easter is a Christian holiday. Christmas is another Christian holiday, and Toy Day is based on Christmas. No, I don’t want Nintendo to consider removing them again like they did in Wild World. Just because someone doesn’t celebrate one holiday doesn’t mean Nintendo should omit it completely. However, they should make holidays optional. If you’re not a Christian and you don’t want to play games involving Christmas or Easter, you can disable them from being celebrated in your town and not have Nintendo remove it in the next game. Another example of a holiday that isn’t celebrated by everyone is Halloween. It may have more hype than Christmas in America, but much less of the world recognizes Halloween than Christmas. Yet, Halloween in Animal Crossing is available in all regions. It’s even available in the Australian and New Zealand version of Animal Crossing (which is similar to the European version). In reality, Halloween is not very popular in Australia and New Zealand. It’s more popular in the North America region. In fact, not all of the NA region celebrates Halloween. It’s more of an American holiday (which is observed in Canada too). Even if the game cool items given out during Halloween, people who don’t celebrate it can disable it from their towns. The last example to give out on this portion is Treasure Hunt, which more of it is covered in Chapter 27. It is good for those who are looking for items they can’t get in their biome, but it’s not a real holiday (and yes, I do like making up holidays). Weeding Day, Fireworks Festival, and some of the holidays in the GameCube Version that are long gone such as *inserts town name* Day and Morning Aerobics are not real holidays either. If you won’t want false holidays celebrated, you might want them deactivated in your town. The summary – this is what Chapter 14 is about.

New and Returning Holidays

Other than Treasure Hunt, which is a revival of the Acorn Festival, but also blended with Bunny Day in some way, the three new holidays I would suggest adding are Skull Day, Crawfish Week, and Crab Festival. One of them is a simple pick-up-an-item day while the other two are a bit more complicated. Either way, Isabelle will be in the Plaza.

  • Skull Day – one holiday I would love to see in Animal Crossing is a holiday based on Dia de los Muertos. Since it’s getting more popular in the US now than it was when Animal Crossing first came out, I feel it’s time for it to come in the next game. Shamrock Day was based after St Patrick’s Day, and it wasn’t a holiday in the GameCube Version. This holiday is observed on November 2nd, exclusive to the NA region, and a simple pick-up-an-item day. The cardboard cut-out standee can be a skeletal wedding. Animals, including Isabelle, may talk about ancestors that died and talk about what it’s really about. The item distributed is a “painted skull” (yes, the words in the quotation marks is the item name).
  • Crawfish Week – before I joined Bell Tree Forums, I was spending a lot of time on the New Leaf forums on GameFAQs. One thing I did was that I made a Choose Your Own Adventure thread about my town of StarFall and what it’s like when Kaylee (the mayor) left. One of the events in the adventure was about a celebration called Crawfish Week. Inspired by that thread I made, Nintendo should add a five-day celebration beginning on the first Monday after the Fishing Tourney in May. The holiday is all about catching crawfish and donating to Isabelle, who’s standing in the New Orleans-decorated Plaza. You can donate crawfish for random items for the Swamp Theme. It may not be a real holiday, even in the South, but May is a huge month for crawfish dishes.
  • Crab Festival – similar to Crawfish Week, but only lasting for one day. The purpose of this holiday is to catch crabs and donate them to Isabelle. Since winter is the best season for benthic crabs, this holiday is observed on January 22nd.

Details of Crawfish Week:

  • Isabelle is at the front.
  • Plaza has a few New Orleans-style scenery (including lamps) on all sides but the front.
  • Music being played is a Cajun-style music composed by K.K. Slider.
  • On the left, there is an outdoor cookout with two villager chefs boiling crawfish.
  • On the right, there is an outdoor table with four villagers eating.
  • For every three crawfish you catch, you can earn an item from the Swamp Theme or other items.

Details of Crab Festival:

  • Isabelle is at the front.
  • A concession stand shaped like a boat is on the left. Kapp’n will be there instead of at the dock.
  • Giant Crab cut-outs can be seen in the back.
  • A feast table with four villagers is on the right.
  • For every five crabs you donate, you get a coastline themed model that you can put on top of a table.
  • If you donate all types of benthic crabs available to catch in January, you will get a “crab plate” (a food item).

Returning holidays:

All of the holidays I like to see come back were in the GameCube Version. Those are the Spring Sports Fair, the Fall Sports Fair, and the Cherry Blossoms Festival. I love the holidays that City Folk and New Leaf (or exclusively in New Leaf). However, ever since some of these holidays that were removed in Wild World returned in City Folk, there are a few removed holidays left. If I can remember correctly, those are Spring Sports Fair, Cherry Blossoms Festival, Spring Cleaning, Graduation Day, (inserts town name) Day, Founder’s Day, Meteor Shower, Morning Aerobics, Fall Sports Fair, Mayor’s Day, Officer’s Day, Sale Day, and Snow Day. Also, the original Fireworks Festival and Fishing Tourneys are lost forever, but the new ones are better. The GameCube Version may be more inferior than the sequels (Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf), but there are a few things that made it better. Back then, animals used to celebrate the holidays, a lot. Now they aren’t as spirited as they once were. Back then, animals used to teach you lessons about life, not just for Animal Crossing, but in reality too. Now they only talk about their lives or other people. Oh, and don’t forget some of the good holidays in the GameCube Version.

The main reason why I want both Sports Fairs to return is because of the day they represent. The Spring Sports Fair was celebrated on the first day of spring while the Fall Sports Fair was on the first day of fall. In New Leaf, they had similar holidays, but only for the summer and the winter. I do like what happens to the sky, as well as the gifts distributed. But I would like to see all four holidays in one game. In case if the Fishing Tourney or Bug-Off collides with these holidays, they can move the tent to Main Street and right in front of Town Hall. The Plaza is for sports.

The Cherry Blossoms Festival was a feast just like the Harvest Festival. So I would like to see that return as well, maybe during April 7th to April 11th. And make the animals have a feast too.

Holiday Checklist

Now we’re going into the big picture of this mayoral feature. The last section was on new and returning holidays. The purpose of the Holiday Checklist is that you get to decide what is celebrated in town and what is not celebrated in town.

Here is a grand list of holidays (including region-specific holidays and the non-ACNL holidays):

  • New Year’s Day**
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Crab Festival
  • Groundhog’s Day*
  • Bean Day*
  • Lunar New Year*
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Daeboreum*
  • Festivale
  • Girls’ Day*
  • Shamrock Day*
  • Spring Sports Fair**
  • April Fools
  • Bunny Day
  • Cherry Blossoms Festival
  • Tree Day*
  • Nature Day*
  • Weeding Day***
  • Mother’s Day***
  • Boy’s Day*
  • Teacher’s Day*
  • Crawfish Week
  • Fishing Tourney**
  • Bug-Off**
  • Father’s Day***
  • Summer Solstice**
  • Starcrossed Day*
  • Fireworks Festival
  • Obon*
  • Labor Day*
  • Tsukimi*
  • Chuseok*
  • Autumn Moon*
  • Fall Sports Fair**
  • Explorer’s Day*
  • Halloween
  • Skull Day*
  • Harvest Festival
  • Naughty-Or-Nice Day*
  • Winter Solstice**
  • Toy Day
  • New Year’s Eve**

*Not available in all regions. Some are available in only one region (i.e. Naughty-or-Nice Day, Starcrossed Day, Tree Day, and Nature Day).
**Non-negotiable holiday.
***Available in all regions, but not on the same day.

Non-negotiable holidays:

Some holidays do not appear on the holiday checklist. Either because they are not intended for your region, or because they are always required. The former reason applies to the region-specific holidays. Take for example, Obon, Children’s Day, and Setsubun are all Japanese national holidays. You wouldn’t celebrate Japanese holidays if you’re from a North American or European country. So those holidays would be absent in the North American, Korean, and European versions of Animal Crossing. Earth Day, Columbus Day, and Labor Day (as how the AC calendar read it) aren’t celebrated outside America. It’s pretty funny that the Canadian version and Latin American version of Animal Crossing have those holidays, even if they were exclusive to the US. Even some of the region-neutral holidays (more specifically Halloween and Thanksgivings) are almost US exclusive holidays (based on how the calendar goes).

The latter reason to why they don’t appear on the checklist refers to the holidays that cannot be deactivated. They are always required by all means. Here are the reasons:

  • New Year’s (both Dec 31 and Jan 1) – New Year’s Day is the most celebrated holiday in the world, and is the only real holiday to be in all versions of Animal Crossing (including Wild World). What’s the point of changing the calendar without celebrating the new year?
  • Sports Fair (both Spring and Fall) – the Sports Fair symbolizes the first day of the season; March 20th for spring, and September 23rd for fall. It may not be necessary, but you can’t deny the first day of the season from being an event.
  • Summer Solstice – even if Isabelle can’t give out gifts, you cannot decide if June 21st is daylight all day or not.
  • Winter Solstice – just like what I said about the Summer Solstice, it’ll still be night all day. So there’s no deactivating of the solstices. Isabelle will still have a holiday or two where she will give away presents if all negotiable holidays are deactivated.
  • Fishing Tourney – one of the few Wild World holidays to appear in New Leaf. You can deactivate all or the holidays you want, but animals do want to celebrate monthly contests like the fishing tourney you celebrate for eight months.
  • Bug-Off – same as the Fishing Tourney, but only for bug-hunting contests.

Activating/Deactivating holidays:

By default, all of the region-neutral holidays (Treasure Hunt, Crab Festival, Valentine’s Day, Festivale, April Fools, Bunny Day, Cherry Blossoms Festival, Crawfish Week, Fireworks Festival, Halloween, Harvest Festival, and Toy Day) that can be negotiated on are active, while all of the region specific holidays are inactive. You can activate them just to get the items distributed on those days, but they don’t have too much of a purpose in Animal Crossing.

To activate a holiday, you’ll need to tap the checkbox next to each holiday name. When active, it will be celebrated. You can also do this to deactivate a holiday. When they are inactive, it won’t be mentioned or celebrated. So if the holiday of Christmas easily offends you, it’s not going to be dropped in the next game, but you can choose if the holiday will be celebrated or not. If you want to celebrate Day of the Dead instead of Halloween, you can deactivate Halloween while activating Skull Day. If you find Treasure Hunt, Crab Festival, and Crawfish Week to be too weird, you can deactivate them.

Consequences of holiday deactivation:

While you won’t receive gifts on the days Isabelle just gives out gifts or hear from animals about the holiday, some holidays are bigger than that. If you deactivate them, there’s more you won’t see.

  • If you have Event Town Ordinance active (Chapter 12), PWPs and Mini-projects that are normally decorated for that holiday won’t be decorated.
  • Special visitors like Jack, Franklin, or Jingle will not appear.
  • Background music on the holidays is the same as regular.
  • You will have a huge difficulty collecting items related to the holiday. On Treasure Hunt, Crab Festival, Crawfish Week, Festivale, Bunny Day, and Fireworks Festival, items exclusive to those holidays are given out. If they aren’t active, you cannot receive these special items.
  • Timmy and Tommy won’t sell holiday items.
  • Ables and Kicks won’t sell holiday items either.
  • Treasure Hunt will never occur rather than occurring three times a year.
  • Cherry Blossoms day will only have falling petals with no feast.
  • Animals won’t talk about the holiday.
  • Bulletin Board won’t talk about the holiday.
  • Pine trees and fruitless palm trees do not have Christmas lights.
  • Feathers, eggs, and treasure can’t be collected.
  • Animals won’t tell jokes on April Fool’s.
  • Mother won’t send mail on the holidays.

Of course, if you like working on your town more than participating in holidays, deactivating more holidays will allow you to spend more time in Town Hall. The reason being is that Isabelle will not let you work on Public Works Projects or Ordinances on the holidays. If you don’t feel that holidays are necessary, you already got all of the items you wanted, or that you normally don’t celebrate the holidays in reality, you can deactivate them. Likewise, if you like celebrating, still have items to collect, or want the town to be more fun, you can activate the holidays.

Special Visitor Checklist

Along with the holiday checklist is the special visitor checklist. There are some days where certain visitors may come to your town. Just like the holiday checklist, you can decide who can visit your town or not. Keep in mind that the game will get harder if the visitor is denied visiting your town. And there are two special visitors that are non-negotiable.

Here is a list of special visitors (excluding Pete, Resetti, the Snow people, Rover, and Wendell):

  • Redd
  • Saharah
  • Gracie*
  • Katrina*
  • Blanca***
  • Gulliver
  • Joan**
  • K.K. Slider**
  • Katie
  • Pascal
  • Jingle***
  • Franklin***
  • Jack***
  • Chip***
  • Nat***
  • Phineas**
  • Pavé***
  • Zipper***

*Negotiable until PWP is built.
**Non-negotiable visitor.
***Only negotiable through Holiday Checklist.

Negotiable visitors:

If you have seen the list, some of these visitors will always be in your town when the time comes unless if you deactivated the holidays they’re associated with. Chip and Nat are associated with the Fishing Tourney and Bug-Off, which were both non-negotiable holidays. If you don’t want the chameleon or beaver in your town, you have no hope.

Three of the other special visitors appear to be non-negotiable. Here’s why:

  • Joan – blocking her from visiting means shutting down the Stalk Market in town. You can’t use mayoral privileges to remove a feature that already exists before you become mayor. There’s no reason to talk to Reese about turnip prices if no turnip seller is available.
  • K.K. Slider – blocking him from visiting means blocking DJ KK from visiting too. There’s no point in keeping Club LOL open if KK can’t even visit as DJ KK.
  • Phineas – can you prevent PlayStation games from giving you trophies when you unlocked them? What about Xbox games and Xbox achievements? If you worked hard enough to earn another badge, there’s no stopping him from visiting.

Gracie and Katrina originally start out as special visitors. You can prevent them from visiting your town too. But once you unlock the PWPs (GracieGrace and Fortune Teller’s Shop), they become citizens of your town, and therefore not negotiable.

The rest of the special visitors are negotiable. However, disabling them may lead to some consequences:

  • Redd – you will no longer find any store to buy art from. Unless if the art exhibition in the Museum is complete, it’s best not to disable Redd from visiting.
  • Saharah – carpets and wallpaper Saharah gives out aren’t obtainable except from catalog or gifts (if all items are re-orderable).
  • Gulliver – it doesn’t really prevent him from visiting. He just won’t wash up on the shores anymore.
  • Katie – no new special visitor can be picked up after traveling from town to town.
  • Pascal – you can catch scallops in the town’s waters without Pascal bugging you for one, but no Pirate furniture for you.

Holiday Creator

Aside to the checklists is a holiday creation tool. You get to create your own holiday. You can decide what items are being distributed, what it’s all about, and what animals are going to say. Sure you can disable all negotiable holidays, but have custom ones instead. I’m afraid that it’s not a tool where you can create bigger ones like Toy Day or Halloween, but rather a tool where you can create smaller ones like Shamrock Day or Starcrossed Day.

Steps of the Holiday Creator:

  1. Name your holiday – just like creating a town and character, naming the holiday has to be the first step.
  2. Choose what date it will be on – the next step is to choose what day it’s on. Since creating your own holiday involves decorating the entire plaza, it cannot be within the days of Treasure Hunt in January, May, and September, as well as Crawfish Week. You will see more about Treasure Hunt on Chapter 27, but it basically takes up the up the first full week on the week after the first of January, first of May, and Labor Day in September. The days of possibility are from January 3rd to January 15th, May 3rd to May 15th, and September 8th to September 20th. Crawfish Week days are May 17th to May 27th. It also cannot be on the same day as another holiday. If it’s on a blank day, but collides with another holiday (including Treasure Hunt or Crawfish Week) in one year, it will be cancelled for the year.
  3. Decorate Plaza – a few plaza scenery will be available for you to use. They are cardboard standees, cardboard standees with face cut-outs, tables, lanterns, and even wires/vines/garland to put around the Plaza. Decorating the Plaza is like decorating houses in Happy Home Designer. You won’t go to the Plaza, but you can decorate it like if you were in the plaza. In regards to standees, you can decorate them any way you like.
  4. Decide what item is being distributed – this is a simple step, but what you do is that you choose what item Isabelle gives out. Your best bet are novelties like glow wands, fireworks, balloons, pinwheels, and fans. You can have only one item given out per holiday, and it cannot be the same as other holidays. And please make the item match the holiday’s theme. Why have a prehistoric-themed item on a custom holiday appreciating science fiction? You may want to make a Japanese appreciation holiday, but I don’t recommend using an American item as the item distributed. There’s no restrictions against it, but it’s weird.
  5. Write dialogue – yes, you have a lot of dialogue to write for the villagers. Just like how you set gyroid messages in the GameCube Version, you’ll have to do it for all of the villagers. Once you’re done with the previous steps, you can save your holiday, but only to suspend working on it. At this phase, you’ll have to come up with three different conversations related to the holiday for each personality, three different greeting quotes for each personality, and both of Isabelle’s game startup dialogue and Plaza visit dialogue. This is the longest step, but you’ll like what you did. For conversations with animals, you cannot have anymore quote boxes after writing four per conversation. For greeting quotes, they can have only one quote box. And there’s no quotes involving giving or taking items.
  6. Manage extensive options – once you take care of all 50 conversations, you are at the last step (extensive options). Over there, you can decide if animals decorate their houses, what sales the Nooklings and the Ables host, and what animals can wear for the holiday.
  7. Finish holiday – once you’re done with the previous steps, you can save your holiday and publish it. The holiday will appear in the calendar, and you can see the celebrations on that day.


  • You can have only four custom holidays total. If you want to create a fifth one, you should delete an earlier one.
  • Your holiday cannot have the same name as another holiday (either it’s real name or AC name).
  • Your holiday cannot collide with another holiday with a fixed date.
  • Your holiday cannot be anywhere between November 22nd to November 28th.
  • Items distributed cannot be the same as other items distributed for the other holidays.
  • Dialogue cannot contain profanity, sex-related words, drug topics, politics, religion, or even crude terms like “suck” or “crap”. Animal Crossing is an E-rated game, and you do not want to mix it with inappropriate or highly opinionated content.
  • Your holiday can only last one day. It cannot be a multi-day celebration.

Custom Holiday – Sample:

  • Name: Lights Festival
  • Date: February 13th
  • Purpose: To keep the nights bright and decorate the town with lights.
  • Plaza Scenery: Cardboard standees with black backgrounds and Christmas light design. The Plaza Tree has Christmas lights, four colored lanterns on tables are in the corners, and an arch with the holiday name is at the front.
  • Item distributed: Garden Lamp
  • Dialogue:
    • Isabelle – mentions purpose of the holiday. All animals – their point of view of the holiday.
    • Lazy – talks about why he doesn’t like the holiday (reason is that Lazy villagers go to bed early).
    • Normal – wants to stay up late to see more of the colorful lights.
    • Smug – talks about how they decorate for the holiday.
    • Uchi – mentions that the Lights Festival is rather useless and feels there should be something else.
    • Jock – talks about a whole collection of light-up toys.
    • Peppy – compares the Lights Festival to other holidays involving lights.
    • Cranky – brings up advantages and disadvantages of colorful lights, also mentions what happens if you go to either extreme.
    • Snooty – talks about their pessimism for the holiday, bringing up how it interferes with sleep.
  • Extensive Options: All houses have decorative lights.

Traditional Mode

Since mayoral features do not exist in Traditional Mode, you cannot manage what holidays and visitors can come to your town. All holidays are enabled by default, and all special visitors can visit the town at any time.

The only differences between the three tiers of Traditional Mode are that Tier One is the only tier of Traditional Mode where Treasure Hunt, Crab Festival, and Crawfish Week are celebrated, while Tier Three does not have Phineas.

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