Chapter 18
A disco hotel may be nice, but not what you could own.

The last of the three custom attractions managed by the alternative character is the hotel. As the custom shop is all about selling items and the restaurant is about serving food, the hotel is all about giving animals a stay. Building a hotel will bring in more animal visitors into the other attractions. Just like the other two, the hotel has the same management principles.

Starting the hotel

The first thing the mayor has to do is to build a hotel anywhere that isn’t claimed. This time, it has to be on land. It cannot be built over water, even as a wharf. But it can be built near beaches.

When the plot for a new hotel is placed and when a new character is created (recently or awhile ago), the secondary character can claim the hotel as his/hers. If someone else took the hotel (it has to be a human), then it cannot be claimed.

After claiming, you will be given a 1,000,000 Bell debt from Tom Nook, who is in charge of both house renovations and business renovations. Like the Custom Shop and Restaurant, he will ask in advance. When you get 1,000,000 Bells paid, he will then ask what layout you want your hotel to be. All layouts have an 8×8 lobby, two 8×8 bedrooms, and a 12×8 banquet hall. The five different layouts determine where the bedrooms are placed. Once you decide on the layout, your restaurant will be built, and you can get ready to work on it.

Designing your hotel

When you step into your hotel for the first time, you would realize that the hotel is empty. Unlike the Custom Shop and Restaurant, you have four rooms to decorate. The lobby is where the guests can set reservations, the rooms are where the guests stay, and the banquet hall is where the guests eat. At the beginning, you won’t have any funds, so the first step is to make more Bells and import them to your hotel’s funds.

When you work on interior design, you’ll have a lot more items available than the other two. But you’ll only have sofas, chairs, counters, room signs, and cash registers for the lobby. Beds, small or medium tables, chairs, armchairs, dressers, wardrobes, sofas, clocks, lamps, TVs, and bookshelves are available in the hotel rooms. Just chairs, benches, tables, and serving bars are in the banquet hall. Decorative ornaments are available in every room.

Just like in Happy Home Designer, all rooms have required pieces. You’ll only need one bed in each hotel room, but two beds is the maximum.

When you work on decorating the outdoors, you have many different options for the rooftops, doors, windows, walls, and outdoor scenery, which are the same as the other two. As for models, all of them look like proper hotel models. Some look basic, but others look fancy.

Managing your hotel

The design part is fun just to make your hotel look beautiful and worth visiting, but the management part is more important. Just like every attraction, you need to look at the profits, staff, and hours of operation. However, the uniqueness of the hotel is that you can decide what services the guests can get.


Even if your hotel doesn’t really have a pool or recreational room you can visit, they do appear on the service list. There are six services in total. You can decide which ones are available in your hotel or not.

  • Catering/Food service
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Laundry
  • Recreational Room
  • Hotel games

The concierge (Banquet Hall) and cleaning are always required, so they won’t appear on the checklist.

The more services you have, the more money your hotel costs per month, but you’ll have a better chance of making money.


You can decide how much reserving a room costs per night, as well as the cost for services. Animals may decide if they want to spend on the extra services or not. A general rule is that you should not overprice the services. Otherwise, animals may not spend on the services.

General Management Principles:

Like every attraction, you have to decide on the names, the staff, and the hours of operation. The hotel can be opened for 24 hours a day, but the banquet hall is opened for 6 to 12 hours per day. Villagers you hire for staff will never move out of town until fired, and once a staff member is fired, you can re-hire them unlike in reality.

In terms of staff management, you’ll have to hire four members. There’s a daytime hotel clerk, a nighttime hotel clerk, a room service agent, and a server at the Banquet Hall. The two clerks work for twelve hours each, where one works during the other half of the day than the other. The server works only when the Banquet Hall is open. The room service agent only works while a guest is staying and after a guest is finished.

The wage set for all employees is 200 Bells per hour. The agent’s salary is random, but he/she can only work up to 12 hours maximum. The days he/she doesn’t work are the days no guest is there.


  • (+) Bells made from every reservation
  • (+) Bells made from extra services
  • (-) Bells spent to restock food
  • (-) Bells spent on worker wages
  • (-) General costs


While the owner and visitors from other towns can enter the hotel at any time, only the humans that live in your town that do not own the hotel can play games with the hotel guests like you can in the campsite. You can chat with the animals that are booked in, play games with them, and even get them to move to your town. They can stay from one to three days.

If no animal has a reservation, you cannot enter the hotel room unless if the room service agent is inside.

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