Major Public Works Project Ideas

Chapter 10
Arcades are nice, but is it a major PWP?

So you moved into town, got your permit, and is ready to work on building the town. At the beginning, Main Street only has Town Hall, the Museum, Able Sisters, Nookling Junction, and the Photo Booth. In Town, you can see the Re-Tail, the Happy Home Showcase, the Plaza, and the Train Station. Your town seems underdeveloped. What should you do?

The answer to the question is to build town projects. You have many landmarks to build. The more important ones are the Major Public Works projects (projects that cannot be demolished, do show up on the map etc). In New Leaf, the Major PWPs are the Café, Campsite, Police Station, Reset Center, the Museum Renovation, the Train Station Renovation, the Town Hall Renovation, the Dream Suite, and the Fortune Teller’s shop. In my Idea Book, there are 16 Major PWPs. Each one of them have their own requirements. Some of these are PWPs you have in New Leaf while others are already existing locations in previous Animal Crossing games (including Happy Home Designer), but not as PWPs.

The only PWP from ACNL to be removed is the custom exhibits PWP. As long as we have more rooms to decorate (see Chapter 20), there’s no need to have custom exhibits. However, I do suggest bringing back the Observatory, making it bigger and better than before. Also, the gift shop will be automatically part of the second floor from the beginning, along with more exhibits to donate to.

List of Major PWPs


The campsite is a reoccurring PWP from ACNL that should make it to the next game. I don’t care if we have both the campsite and hotel. The campsite was fun since the GameCube Version, and should appear again. The requirements for unlocking is still the same, which is available at start.

Police Station:

Just like the Campsite, the Police Station should remain as a PWP to unlock and build in your town. The only change in the project is the requirements. To unlock this, you will need at least four minor PWP suggestions from the villagers. When you see Isabelle, she will tell you that a Police Station is needed.

Sales Stand:

This one is rather a new PWP than an older one. If you have a Sales Stand, animals can sell some goods that you can get from nowhere else. Based on personality, here’s what they sell:

  • Lazy – snacks and other foods (a lot of these items were in Happy Home Designer)
  • Normal – balloons
  • Smug – instruments (yes, the instruments are separated from the Nooklings)
  • Uchi – pinwheels
  • Jock – Nintendo items
  • Peppy – toys
  • Cranky – fans (remember the fans in the GameCube Version?)
  • Snooty – beauty items

To unlock this, you must have one Minor PWP suggestion from each personality (which is a minimum of eight). Then Isabelle will talk to you about a Sales Stand.

Reset Surveillance Center:

The Reset Center is another PWP from ACNL. Just like in ACNL, you should reset at least one to unlock it. What’s rather new is that you can learn more about your reset record (see how many times you quit without saving). All resets before it was built does not count. It also counts how many times you reset for a specific reason.


As a replacement to the Custom Exhibits, I suggest returning the Observatory. More on this is covered in Chapter 25. Unlike the older observatory, this one is bigger and better. Not only you can draw stars, but you can also learn more about outer space. The requirements for unlocking are visiting Blathers for at least 14 days (consecutive or not), to have 30 items donated, and to have at least one item per exhibition (out of the eight).


Just like the Café in ACNL, the purpose of it is just the same. You can work there to earn items. The requirements in the next game if this idea is accepted are the same as ACNL’s, but with 60 items to donate rather than 50.


Gracie’s fashion checks is a good idea when it comes to unlocking GracieGrace. However, I do not like this as a remodeling restriction for the Nookling Stores (but at least it’s not as bad as the GameCube Version or Wild World). I also felt that there aren’t enough stores in town. So I suggest separating GracieGrace from the Emporium. It can be a project to unlock. The requirements for unlocking is by passing five fashion checks. I know that sounds like a lot, but that’s a trade-off for separating it from the Nookling Stores.

Personal Island Hut:

This isn’t new, but it’s one of the features of the Island in the GameCube Version that should’ve been in New Leaf. Don’t get me wrong. I like the Island Tours and shop, but I miss having a customizable island hut in case if you want to relax. It’s an extra house to decorate. The requirements for unlocking is to earn at least 500 medals from the Island Tours.

Fortune Teller’s Shop:

What’s new about Katrina is that you can read your fortunes on what you’re lucky in and what you’re unlucky in. To unlock the fortune and misfortune, you must have Lucky Town Ordinance active. You can also learn about your friendship status with a certain villager and see how close they are to moving out. The higher the percentage, the less likely they’ll move out. She appears as a special visitor first just like in ACNL, but then after reading 30 fortunes (you can only read 2 per Katrina visit), you can build a Fortune Teller’s Shop on Main Street.

Club LOL:

Remember in New Leaf where you can sign petitions to unlock Club LOL. I felt that it would be better as a PWP than a building to unlock like in ACNL. The requirements to unlocking would be to unlock T&T Mart, Ables’ Boutique, and have 15 villagers live into town. Isabelle will tell you that a new project is unlocked.

Dream Suite:

The Dream Suite according to my Idea Book is the same as ACNL’s, but it’s a bit different according to Chapter 26. The requirements to unlock are to connect to the internet and build at least one Minor PWP.

Custom Shop:

This one is a new one, but one of the attractions inspired by Happy Home Designer. One of the alternative characters can run a shop and make money off of it. The three requirements to unlocking are:

  • Build a Sales Stand, Café, and Campsite
  • Have all 16 fruit trees in your town
  • Have 5 Minor PWPs built

These requirements will not just unlock the Custom Shop, but also the Hotel and Restaurant.


Similar to the Custom Shop, but it’s rather an eatery for animals to eat at. You can decide what’s on the menu. More on this is covered in Chapter 17.


Similar to the Custom Shop and Campsite, but it only looks nicer than the Campsite. More on this is covered in Chapter 18.

Train Station Renovation:

The Train Station Renovation is a lot like the Train Station Renovation in ACNL. Requirements to unlocking is the same, even if it’s one person visiting 100 times. The only difference, more Train Station models. Those would include the three models previously seen in ACNL, plus a western model, an ancient model, a medieval model, and a futuristic model.

Town Hall Renovation:

The Town Hall Renovation is a lot like the Town Hall Renovation in ACNL. Requirements to unlocking is the same, as well as unlocking the Mayor’s Statue (see Chapter 11) and obtaining the golden watering can. The models are the same like I stated in the Train Station Renovation.

Traditional Mode

In Traditional Mode, you have no mayoral responsibilities at all. That is a Sandbox Mode exclusive feature. But the town is not as empty if you create a new town. It’s required to build a Café, Sales Stand, GracieGrace, Police Station, Reset Center, Campsite, Fortune Teller’s Shop, Club LOL, the Observatory, and the Personal Island Hut.

In all three tiers of Traditional Mode, all ten required projects will be in town from the start. The Custom Shop, Restaurant, and Hotel do not appear at all. The Dream Suite will be closed all day. The Town Hall and Train Station will take up the same models on the last time you saved your map for Traditional Mode.

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