Minor Public Works Projects and Mini-Projects

Chapter 11
Lighthouses and windmills – Minor PWPs in ACNL.

In the last chapter, you have seen the 16 projects I wanna see in the next game. Some are reoccurring, and others are new. This chapter is about the other Public Works Projects, as well as some town scenery. None of these projects appear on the map, but can be deleted once built. You would need these as well too.

Two changes I would like to make to the Minor PWPs in ACNL are the ways to unlock and the separation of projects. Just like in ACNL, a villager has to request it. The difference – they don’t need to grab your attention to suggest a PWP. You can voluntarily talk to a villager about PWP requests. Normally, the first thing they would talk to you about is a chore. However, if they have both a chore and a suggestion, the PWP suggestion goes first. You can only get three PWP suggestions per day, but you cannot get the same PWP suggestions from just one villager. Not only that, but they don’t have PWP suggestions every day. Some have PWP suggestions one day, and the others have it another day. Even resetting to get what you want won’t change the results. Of course, you can still use the diving trick just to have animals grab your attention. You can get PWP requests there too.

The other change is to separate Mini-projects from the other Minor PWPs. In Happy Home Designer, the majority of Minor PWPs from ACNL (including the lighthouse) were items you can place anywhere. I even used the Street Lamp PWP as one of the items in the Café during the Theme of the Week Series. Before Happy Home Designer came out, I didn’t have a problem with them being PWPs, but I did want to restrict the limits. Now I think some should be separated from the Minor PWPs and be something you can place freely in town without going to Town Hall. It makes more sense to do that by the way. You have have no more than 30 Minor PWPs (including bridges) or 30 Mini-projects. Combining the PWPs, Mini-projects, and Major PWPs, you can’t build anymore than 76 structures at once.

Semi-Major Projects

These are not Major PWPs, but they have a similar function to Major PWPs. You can ride them or enter them. Like all Minor PWPs, they can be demolished once built. Unlike the other Minor PWPs, you can have only one of each. In addition, if you have four in your town, the others you have unlocked will disappear from your project directory. You cannot have all eight in town. Each of the eight is suggested by one personality only, and it’s always the fourth, fifth, or sixth project suggested by that personality.

Here is a list of PWPs of this category that I like to see in the next game. Each have their own descriptions too:

  • Carousel – this 4×4 project suggested by Lazy villagers is an amusement park ride you can place in town. You can ride the carousel any time. Just like reading a sign outside, you can press A on the Carousel to open a dialogue box that will allow you to ride. It costs 200 Bells to ride, but you can watch your character ride. You can even take pictures.
  • Lighthouse – the design of the Lighthouse in ACNL is the same as the Lighthouse I have in mind. In contrast, it should be taller and something you can enter rather than a statue like what you see in ACNL. I remember in the GameCube Version when you entered the lighthouse. It should be something you can enter at any time. The Lighthouse should also increase probability of rare fish like what it did in City Folk. It’s 2×2 in size, and suggested exclusively by the Normal villagers.
  • Windmill – this is similar to the Windmill in New Leaf, except it’s something you can enter. It’s suggested by a Smug villager, and it’s 2×2 in size.
  • Ferris Wheel – this 2×4 project suggested by Uchi villagers is another amusement park ride you can use as a PWP. Just like the Carousel, you can watch your character ride and take pictures.
  • Gazebo – this was one of my game ideas for a while. It’s 3×3 in size, and suggested by Jock villagers. Just like the Police Station, you can decide whether it’s a garden gazebo (decorated with flowers), or a bandstand (decorated with instruments). You can enter this one too.
  • Tower – unlike the other projects in this list, this one is something that remains to be a statue. The only difference with this project is that the Peppy villagers can suggest this.
  • Pagoda – as you see, Animal Crossing is a Japanese game, and most of it is based on Japanese life. Pagodas are usually associated with East Asia, including Japan. It just appears that Animal Crossing is missing one Japanese PWP. This project is suggested by Cranky villagers, takes up 2×2 spaces, and something you can enter.
  • Clock Tower – the Clock Tower is a 2×2 project suggested by a Snooty villager. It resembles the Big Ben in London, and another project you can enter like a building.

Bridges and Bridge Construction

I do support having three bridges in town (four if you have islands within the main town). However, I do not like the idea of demolishing bridges to replace them in the same spot. So yes, we should be allowed to demolish bridges, but if we want to replace them in the same spot, there should be an option to remodel the bridge.

To remodel a bridge, a new option between “Start a new project” and “Demolish a project” should exist, being called “Modify Bridge”. If you have more than one bridge, Isabelle will give you the map where you can choose what bridge you want to remodel. After that, you are given a list of bridges to choose from. Just like the Main Street and Train Station projects, the donation gyroid appears in the Train Station. The price is higher since it requires both demolition and construction, but it does effectively replace the bridge with what you had in mind.

The same six bridges in ACNL should make a comeback, but I have six new bridges to come up with:

  • Western Bridge – flat wooden bridge with railings. Wood is lighter in color than the Wooden Bridge in ACNL.
  • Ancient Bridge – sandstone bridge with railings. It looks Egyptian.
  • Medieval Bridge – similar to a castle drawbridge. It’s wooden with metal railings and metal strips.
  • Future Bridge – flat metal bridge with glowing sides and no rails.
  • Plank Bridge – similar to the wooden bridge in the GameCube Version.
  • Covered Bridge – similar to the covered bridges in the Northeastern US. There are windows outside, but there’s a roof on top.

As for villager suggestions, any of them can suggest the plank bridge and brick bridge. The cobblestone bridge and suspension bridge are available at start. The other eight are villager suggestions based on personality. For example, the Lazy villagers would suggest the covered bridge. The Uchi villagers would be interested to seeing the future bridge.

PWP Sets

Each personality has their own set of PWPs. They can suggest more than the PWPs in each set, but you cannot get any PWP suggestion from one set by two or more personalities. For instance, do you want an illuminated arch? Talk to Peanut, Bluebear, Rosie, or any animal of that personality? What about a colosseum? Let Julian, Graham, Phil, and other animals of that personality suggest that.

Playground Set:

All six of these PWPs are suggested by Lazy villagers and no other animal of this personality. These are playground elements, separated into projects.

  • Merry-go-round
  • See-saw
  • Slide
  • Swing
  • Jungle Gym
  • Sandbox

Garden Set:

All six of these PWPs are suggested exclusively by Normal villagers. All of these PWPs and the Playground Set PWPs would make the ultimate park in town.

  • Flower Arch
  • Flower Bed
  • Park Pond
  • Wisteria Trellis
  • Statue Fountain
  • Geyser

World Set:

All six of these ancient PWPs are suggested by Smug villagers and their interest for worldwide structures.

  • Pyramid
  • Sphinx
  • Stonehenge
  • Colosseum
  • Archway Sculpture
  • Moai Statue

Future Set:

All six of these PWPs that are yet to come are suggested by Uchi villagers.

  • Spaceship Statue (animated)
  • Robot Statue (animated)
  • Parabolic Antenna
  • Future Skyscraper
  • Solar Panel
  • Hover Car Statue (animated)

City Set:

All six of these PWPs are suggested by Jock villagers.

  • Stadium Light
  • Bus Stop
  • Balloon Arch
  • Construction Site
  • Drilling Rig
  • Video Screen

Illuminated Set:

All six of these PWPs are suggested by Peppy villagers. Every day from 6:00 PM to 5:59 AM, these structures light up. They have different light colors.

  • Illuminated Arch
  • Illuminated Clock
  • Illuminated Heart
  • Illuminated Sphere
  • Illuminated Star
  • Illuminated Tree

Zen Set:

All six of these PWPs are suggested by Cranky villagers.

  • Zen Arch
  • Zen Bell
  • Zen Garden
  • Rack of Rice
  • Hot Spring
  • Gong

Desert Set:

All six of these PWPs are suggested by Snooty villagers.

  • Snake Pit
  • Desert Rock
  • Cactus Garden
  • Eagle Statue
  • Wolf Statue
  • Totem Pole

Other PWPs

These PWPs do not belong in any set, but they are available in your project directory. Either they do not belong in any category listed above, or that they are just random.

PWPs available at the start:

Other than the Cobblestone Bridge and Suspension Bridge, there are only four PWPs to start out with.

  • Fountain
  • Fence
  • Monthly Stand*
  • Water Well

*The Monthly Stand is a 3×3 PWP that changes every month. Some of the models resemble Happy Home Network contest items. The model represents the month of the year.

PWPs suggested by anyone:

Other than the Brick Bridge and Plank Bridge, there are only four PWPs any villager can suggest:

  • Flower Clock
  • Wind Turbine
  • Cube Sculpture
  • Traffic Signal

PWPs unlocked in other ways:

These four PWPs cannot be unlocked by simple villager suggestions. You’re gonna have to start Weeding Day with no weeds (to get the topiaries), or obtain perfect town status to get at least one of these.

  • Mayor’s Statue (resembles the mayor’s current form)
  • Circle Topiary
  • Square Topiary
  • Tulip Topiary


Smaller Public Works Projects in ACNL (such as benches, streetlights, and clocks) are best as items to place anywhere in town without starting a new project. They are sold at the Nooklings’ stores in a reserved section just for these. They are pretty expensive, but they are re-orderable through the catalog.

To place these, go around town and select what items to place. If it’s a Mini-project, it should have an additional option, which is to construct. It will automatically be placed in town with no charge. If it was a streetlight, it can work like a regular streetlight, which turns on and off based on time of the day. This can only be done by the mayor, and you cannot have anymore than 30 Mini-projects sitting in town at once. You can also remove mini-projects from your town. If you’re using the Mayor, press Y in front of one and it goes back into your pockets.

Nonetheless, here are all of the Mini-projects:


  • Bench (customizable at Re-Tail)
  • Long Bench (customizable at Re-Tail)
  • Wooden Bench
  • Metal Bench
  • Zen Bench
  • Fairy-Tale Bench
  • Modern Bench
  • Western Bench
  • Ancient Bench
  • Medieval Bench
  • Hover Seats
  • Log Bench
  • Chair Sculpture
  • Tire Toy
  • Picnic Seats
  • Rock Bench


  • Street Lamp
  • Round Streetlight
  • Streetlight
  • Cube Streetlight
  • Zen Streetlight
  • Fairy-Tale Streetlight
  • Modern Streetlight
  • Western Streetlight
  • Ancient Streetlight
  • Medieval Streetlight
  • Glowing Star Lamp
  • Torch


  • Park Clock
  • Zen Clock
  • Fairy-Tale Clock
  • Modern Clock
  • Western Clock
  • Ancient Clock
  • Medieval Clock
  • Future Clock


  • Stone Tablet
  • Yield Sign
  • Caution Sign
  • Do-not-Enter Sign
  • Stop Sign
  • Water Pump
  • Instrument Shelter
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Garbage Can
  • Custom Design Sign
  • Face Cut-out Standee
  • Fire Hydrant

Traditional Mode

Since you have no mayoral features in Traditional Mode, you cannot place PWPs or Mini-projects anywhere. Of course, whatever Mini-projects or Minor PWPs you have in town will already be in town. This is true for all tiers of Traditional Mode.

In any mode, Sandbox or Traditional, the animals may talk about the PWPs or Mini-projects in town and talk about how much fun they had with them.

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