Series, Themes, and Sets

Chapter 21
A diversity of furniture series.

Along with the many new gaming concepts and feature changes, my Idea Book includes ideas for more items, including furniture. Throughout this entire chapter, you’ll see collections that are completely new (such as the Glow Series), compilations (such as the Ski Theme), and hybrids of compilations and brand new items (such as the Arcade Set). Plus, more collections are going to be covered.

Furniture Series

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, we had a total of 37 furniture series. 18 of them were regular furniture themes that the Nooklings sold at any time of the year, and are randomized in restocks. Then we had five GracieGrace themes, one spotlight theme, three holiday themes obtained from the Nooklings, two other holiday themes, two themes that come from the Re-Tail, two themes that come from the Island, three other seasonal themes obtained between November and February, and a furniture theme you can collect by shooting down balloons.

In this chapter, I came up with 11 more furniture series, totaling it to 48 furniture series. At the same time, all furniture series will have 16 items instead of 10 or 11.


  • Bed
  • Dresser
  • Wardrobe
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Sofa/Bench
  • Four other floor items
  • Wall item
  • Ceiling item
  • Carpet or rug
  • Wallpaper
  • Doors (single like green or double like gorgeous)
    Curtains or shades

Red Series:

There’s a Blue Series and a Green Series, but two colored series are missing. That’s right! The Red Series is another basic furniture series I would like to see in the next game. Easily sold at Timmy’s and Tommy’s, as you can live in this hot room. Just like how the Green Series has plus patterns and Blue Series has diamonds/squares, this one has equilateral triangles as it’s accent. The secondary color is orange, which brings in the heat.

  • Red Bed – 2×1
  • Red Bench – 2×1
  • Red Bureau – 2×1
  • Red Cabinet – 2×1
  • Red Table – 2×2
  • Red Wardrobe – 1×1
  • Red Lamp – 1×1
  • Red Chair – 1×1
  • Red Clock – 1×1
  • Red Shelves – 1×1
  • Red Wall Cabinet – wall item
  • Red Ceiling Light – 1×1 ceiling item
  • Red Carpet
  • Red Wall

Yellow Series:

To conclude the four basic series, I came up with the Yellow Series, which is composed of colored, but wooden furniture in the monochromatic color scheme. It may be a happy series, or a boring series, just like what the color yellow symbolizes. The accent shape just like the Blue Series’ diamonds are circles.

  • Yellow Bed – 2×1
  • Yellow Bench – 2×1
  • Yellow Side Table – 2×1
  • Yellow Bookcase – 2×1
  • Yellow Table – 2×2
  • Yellow Chair – 1×1
  • Yellow Dresser – 1×1
  • Yellow Wardrobe – 1×1
  • Yellow End Table – 1×1
  • Yellow Lamp – 1×1
  • Yellow Wall Clock – wall item
  • Yellow hanging plant – 1×1 ceiling item
  • Yellow Rug
  • Yellow Wall

Garden Series:

This is the Weeding Day Set, all compiled up into a furniture series. With the exception of the Flower Bouquet and Lily Lamp, all furniture obtained from Weeding Day are put into this furniture series. There’s a few modifications to each (like the 1×1 Pansy Table is a 2×2 Pansy Table).

  • Hydrangea Bed – 2×1
  • Sunflower Stereo – 2×1
  • Violet Screen – 2×1
  • Rose Sofa – 2×1 (formerly 1×1)
  • Pansy Table – 2×2 (formerly 1×1)
  • Tulip Dresser – 1×1
  • Sweet Olive Wardrobe – 1×1
  • Cosmos Fan – 1×1
  • Azalea Stool – 1×1
  • Lily Record Player – 1×1
  • Hibiscus Clock – wall item
  • Lily Light – 1×1 ceiling item
  • Spring Forest Floor
  • Spring Forest Wall

Straw Series:

Just like how the Mush Series can be collected through mushroom hunting and how the Snowman and Ice Series can be collected from the Snow People, the Straw Series is obtained by pulling certain weeds. You can only collect this furniture series in the Jungle Biome this way. The Snowboy always gives out the Snowman Series with two other items, the Snowmam always gives out the Ice Series, and the Mush Series can be obtained by mushroom hunting in the Forest Biome. In addition, the snow people no longer give out items in the Forest Biome (unless if it’s the Snowtyke). If you’re playing in Traditional Mode in Tier Two or Tier Three, you can collect this furniture series in your town, but only in the summer.

  • Straw Bed – 2×2
  • Straw Sofa – 2×1
  • Straw Bureau – 2×1
  • Straw Bookcase – 2×1
  • Straw Table – 2×1
  • Straw Chair – 1×1
  • Straw Armchair – 1×1
  • Straw Closet – 1×1
  • Straw End Table – 1×1
  • Straw TV – 1×1
  • Straw Clock – wall item
  • Straw Lamp – 1×1 ceiling item
  • Straw Flooring
  • Straw Wall

Old Series:

This is an old and creepy furniture series. They look like they were already worn out after being used for 100 years. In Chapter 30, you’ll learn more about ghosts and what harm or benefits they can do to you. The ghost in the Nookling Stores (which is a good guy by the way) may give you one of these items after capturing five ghosts in one day.

  • Old Bed – 2×2
  • Old Dresser – 2×1
  • Old Table – 2×1
  • Old Sofa – 2×1
  • Old Shelves – 2×1
  • Old Chair – 1×1
  • Old Wardrobe – 1×1
  • Old Lamp – 1×1
  • Old Clock – 1×1
  • Old Vanity – 1×1
  • Old Wall Lamp – wall item
  • Old Ceiling Fan – 2×2 ceiling item
  • Old Rug
  • Old Wall

Sandy Series:

So we have two furniture series sold at the Island: the Cabana Series and Mermaid Series. Back on Bell Tree, this is one of the furniture series I came up with, as it’s the third furniture series to come from the Island. This is a perfect furniture series for those who want to live in a sand castle. Every item is made out of sand, compacted and cemented enough to where it won’t fall apart.

  • Sandy Bed – 2×2
  • Sandy Bench – 2×1
  • Sandy Dresser – 2×1
  • Sandy Table – 2×1
  • Sandy TV – 2×1
  • Sandy Chair (has arms) – 1×1
  • Sandy Closet – 1×1
  • Sandy Stool – 1×1
  • Sandy Desk – 1×1
  • Sandy Dresser – 1×1
  • Sandy Wall Clock – wall item
  • Sandy Chandelier – 2×2 ceiling item
  • Sandy Wall
  • Sandy Floor

Silver Series:

We have a Golden Series since City Folk, but what about a Silver Series? In the old days, gold was more valuable than silver, but people valued silver a lot. In addition, we have silver nuggets we extract from rocks. So there should be both a Golden Series and Silver Series.

  • Silver Bed – 2×2
  • Silver Bench – 2×1
  • Silver Bookcase – 1×1
  • Silver Bureau – 2×1
  • Silver Chair – 1×1
  • Silver Clock – 1×1
  • Silver Screen – 2×1
  • Silver Statue – 1×1
  • Silver Table – 2×1
  • Silver Wardrobe – 1×1
  • Silver Wall Torch – wall item
  • Silver Mobile – 1×1 ceiling item
  • Silver Wall
  • Silver Floor

Secret Furniture Series

The other four furniture series appear to be secret items that you’ll have to figure out yourself. I’ll spill the beans in the Idea Book, but if these ideas are accepted, an Animal Crossing guidebook will never tell you about these items or how to obtain them. They still count towards your catalog completion, but you cannot get these items unless if you find out how to get them or if someone from another town delivers you these items. Every item of these furniture series are re-orderable in any mode of the game.

Another thing to note is that the Nooklings will never sell them until one character in your town has them in his/her catalog. That means, once one of these items appear in your catalog, that item will be for sale. And don’t forget. The animals will never own any of these items in their houses.

Glow Series:

The first secret furniture series is kinda based after the 1982 film Tron, except that it’s more generic. All items in this furniture series are made of black plastic with a few tubes of LEDs. The floors and walls are just metal panels with blue laser grids. You can tap A on any side (except for the front side on the dresser and wardrobe) to turn on/off the LED tubes. The lights are monochromatic, but they can be refurbished at the Re-Tail to change the LED colors. By default, they are orange. But the other colors they can come in are red, green, blue, purple, and pink.

The Trick – if you have an unmodified Astro Lamp and another compatible furniture piece, you can take them to the Re-Tail, and Cyrus can combine them to one of these items.

  • Glow Bed – 2×2 (Astro Lamp + Sleek Bed)
  • Glow Cabinet – 2×1 (Astro Lamp + Modern Cabinet)
  • Glow Chair – 1×1 (Astro Lamp + Astro Chair)
  • Glow Dresser – 1×1 (Astro Lamp + Cabin Dresser)
  • Glow Lamp – 1×1 (Astro Lamp + Minimalist Lamp)
  • Glow Sofa – 2×1 (Astro Lamp + Ranch Sofa)
  • Glow Stereo – 1×1 (Astro Lamp + Robo Stereo)
  • Glow Table – 2×1 (Astro Lamp + Regal Table)
  • Glow TV – 2×1 (Astro Lamp + Widescreen TV)
  • Glow Wardrobe – 1×1 (Astro Lamp + Green Wardrobe)
  • Glow Clock – wall item (Astro Lamp + Office Clock)
  • Glow Fan – 1×1 ceiling item (Astro Lamp + Ceiling Fan)
  • Light-grid Wall – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected
  • Light-grid Floor – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected

Additional Notes:

  • When you collect all 12 Glow Series items (not including the carpet or wallpaper), Nook’s Homes will begin selling the matching doors and curtains.
  • None of these furniture pieces (except for the Glow Lamp and Glow Fan) will cast an illuminated radius. The lights just only enhance the furniture pieces.
  • The Glow Lamp, Glow TV, Glow Stereo, and Glow Fan have tubes that only turn on when the items are turned on in general.
  • None of the items in this furniture series look exactly like the other items made into plastic. They have their own shapes.

Invisible Series:

The Invisible Series is similar to the Glow Series, where you can press A on any side. They look like gray metal pieces, but after pressing A, they vanish, looking like that they’re invisible. You can still open drawers or jump on beds when they’re invisible, but you won’t see them.

The Trick – all items (with the exception of a few items) can be stolen by ghosts once they catch you, but if you’re carrying the key items and they steal them, a replacement item will show up instead. These items are the replacements.

  • Invisible Bed – 2×1 (stolen Robo-Bed)
  • Invisible Bench – 2×1 (stolen Green Bench)
  • Invisible Bureau – 2×1 (stolen Blue Bureau)
  • Invisible Chair – 1×1 (stolen Classic Chair)
  • Invisible Clock – 1×1 (stolen Kitschy Clock)
  • Invisible Closet – 1×1 (stolen Sleek Closet)
  • Invisible End Table – 1×1 (stolen Modern End Table)
  • Invisible Lamp – 1×1 (stolen Yellow Lamp)
  • Invisible Stereo – 2×1 (stolen Gold Stereo)
  • Invisible Table – 2×2 (stolen Red Table)
  • Invisible Wall Shelf – wall item (stolen Ranch Shelf)
  • Invisible Light – 1×1 ceiling item (stolen Enamel Lamp)
  • Shadow Wall – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected
  • Shadow Floor – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected

Additional Notes:

  • When you collect all 12 Invisible Series items (not including the carpet or wallpaper), Nook’s Homes will begin selling the matching doors and curtains.
  • The Invisible Clock will display numbers instead once turned invisible.
  • The Invisible Lamp and Invisible Light will never appear when the light is on. At the same time, you can’t see the
  • Invisible Stereo when music is playing.
  • None of the items in this furniture series look exactly like the other items made into this. They have their own shapes.

Hover Series:

The Hover Series is similar to the other two I previously said. When you press A, they will begin floating or land, depending on the situation. While they’re floating, you can see supersonic waves below them that represent that they hover, just like in science fiction. Every piece is made of gray metal with an accent of crimson. The carpet and wallpaper makes your room look like it’s in the mesosphere of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Trick – wrap a key item, the steel frame, and a balloon in one piece of wrapping paper. Bury them underground after that. Wait 24 hours before digging them up again, just like how the golden shovel was obtained in City Folk. Once you dig them up, unwrap them and you can reveal the Hover Series item.

  • Hover Armchair – 1×1 (Ranch Armchair)
  • Hover Bed – 2×1 (Cabin Bed)
  • Hover Chair – 1×1 (Modern Chair)
  • Hover Dresser – 2×1 (Red Bureau)
  • Hover End Table – 1×1 (Exotic End Table)
  • Hover Lamp – 1×1 (Table Lamp)
  • Hover Sofa – 2×1 (Astro Sofa)
  • Hover Table – 2×2 (Green Table)
  • Hover TV – 2×1 (Robo-TV)
  • Hover Wardrobe – 1×1 (Blue Cabinet)
  • Hover Clock – wall item (Sleek Clock)
  • Hover Light – 1×1 ceiling item (Ball-shaped Light)
  • Open Wall – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected
  • Open Floor – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected

Additional Notes:

  • When you collect all 12 Hover Series items (not including the carpet or wallpaper), Nook’s Homes will begin selling the matching doors and curtains.
  • The Hover Lamp and Hover TV will float when they’re on, but not when they’re off.
  • The Hover Light will always look like they’re floating freely.
  • None of the items in this furniture series look exactly like the other items made into this. They have their own shapes.

Transform Series:

The last of the secret furniture series I have is the Transform Series. What each item does is that it can change from a metal box shaped like a present to an actual furniture piece after tapping A. The carpet and wallpaper have square tiles made of plastic.

The Trick – bury a key item three times with a golden shovel and dig them up to reveal the new item. The key items can be any item as long as it’s a furniture series item sold from the Nooklings (excluding spotlight and seasonal items).

  • Transform Armchair – 1×1
  • Transform Bed – 2×1
  • Transform Bench – 2×1
  • Transform Bookcase – 2×1
  • Transform Chair – 1×1
  • Transform Clock – 1×1
  • Transform Dresser – 2×1
  • Transform End Table – 1×1
  • Transform Table – 2×2
  • Transform Wardrobe – 1×1
  • Transform Wall Clock – wall item
  • Transform Light – 1×1 ceiling item
  • Plastic Wall – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected
  • Plastic Floor – available in Nooklings after all 12 items are collected

Additional Notes:

  • When you collect all 12 Transform Series items (not including the carpet or wallpaper), Nook’s Homes will begin selling the matching doors and curtains.
  • The Transform Light is the only piece in this series that does not transform in any form.
  • None of the items in this furniture series look exactly like the other items made into this. They have their own shapes.

Furniture Superseries

A furniture superseries is a larger collection containing four furniture series that are similar to each other. There are three classes of superseries, and four superseries per class.

Basic Superseries:

The four basic furniture superseries contain more generic themes for your house. They aren’t too fancy, but they aren’t too themeless either.

Colored Themes:

  • Blue Series
  • Green Series
  • Red Series
  • Yellow Series

Kids’ Themes:

  • Kiddie Series
  • Modern Wood Series
  • Polka-Dot Series
  • Stripe Series

Stylish Themes:

  • Gracie Series
  • Minimalist Series
  • Modern Series
  • Sleek Series

Fancy Themes:

  • Classic Series
  • Lovely Series
  • Regal Series
  • Rococo Series

Themed Superseries:

These four superseries are season-neutral, but more themed than the basic ones.

Pioneer Themes:

  • Alpine Series
  • Cabin Series
  • Exotic Series
  • Ranch Series

Sci-Fi/Toy Shop Themes:

  • Astro Series
  • Balloon Series
  • Card Series
  • Robo Series

Special Themes:

  • Golden Series
  • Old Series
  • Silver Series
  • Sloppy Series

Secret Themes:

  • Glow Series
  • Hover Series
  • Invisible Series
  • Transform Series

Seasonal Superseries:

The four seasonal superseries contain items related to a certain season. Although some contain GracieGrace themes, all of them contain themes that are best for each season.

Winter Themes:

  • Gorgeous Series
  • Ice Series
  • Jingle Series
  • Snowman Series

Spring Themes:

  • Egg Series
  • Garden Series
  • Pavé Series
  • Princess Series

Summer Themes:

  • Cabana Series
  • Mermaid Series
  • Sandy Series
  • Straw Series

Fall Themes:

  • Harvest Series
  • Mush Series
  • Spooky Series
  • Sweets Series

Furniture Themes

Another type of furniture collection is the furniture themes, which are furniture collections with the same motif, but are not as uniform as furniture series. In ACNL, we had 12 of these, which are:

  • Backyard Theme
  • Boxing Theme
  • Construction Them
  • Creepy Theme
  • Mad Scientist Theme
  • Mario Theme
  • Nursery Theme
  • Pirate Theme
  • Sci-Fi Theme
  • Spa Theme
  • Space Theme
  • Western Theme

Here, I have 12 more themes. Some of them are combinations of previous furniture sets.

Fall Forest Theme:

The Fall Forest Theme is a counterpart to the Mush Series, but is showing more of the fall. With high humidity and low temperatures, not to mention, high windspeed, it’s gonna feel really cold in the forest. To obtain this, you have to be in the Forest Biome and pick up leaves that were already on the ground just like you seen mushrooms. They appear in October. If you’re in another biome, this is one of the themes you can get in the Treasure Hunt, and it’s always the September event.

  • Apple Tree – 1×1
  • Cabin – 2×2
  • Cherry Tree – 1×1
  • Maple Tree – 1×1
  • Pile of Leaves – 1×1 (step-on item)
  • Rock – 1×1
  • Tent – 2×2
  • Waterfall Rock – 2×1
  • Autumn Wall
  • Autumn Floor
  • Lake (rug)
  • Fall Leaf – 1×1 ceiling item

Winter Sports Theme:

Bingo! This is the Bingo Snowman furniture theme. In ACNL, this is a real theme, but it’s not organized into a theme. For this game, I would make this theme the Snowman theme for the Desert Biome.

  • Bobsled
  • Curling Stone
  • Lift Chair
  • Ski Rack
  • Slalom Gate
  • Snow Machine
  • Snowboard
  • Snowmobile
  • Ski-Slope Wall
  • Ski-Slope Floor

Winter Village Theme:

Time for a more Christmas-y theme. This is the Snowman theme of the Tundra Biome. This theme is better off if you used duplicates of some items.

  • Bare Tree – 1×1
  • Horse-drawn Sleigh – 2×1
  • Lamppost – 1×1
  • Pine Tree – 1×1
  • Snowball – 1×1
  • Snowflake – 1×1
  • Winter Cottage – 2×2
  • Winter House – 2×2
  • Winter Forest Wall
  • Winter Forest Floor

Island Theme:

While the Cabana and Mermaid Series were sold in the Island Shop in ACNL, they sold other items too. This theme is a compilation of the Island items.

  • Beach Chair
  • Beach Table
  • Diver Dan
  • Life Ring
  • Sand Castle
  • Sandshin
  • Surfboard
  • Treasure Chest
  • Ukulele
  • Wave Breaker
  • Life Preserver
  • Tropical Vista
  • Sandy-Beach Floor
  • Tropical Rug

Jungle Theme:

Just like how fallen leaves in the Forest Biome gets you the Fall Forest items, the Jungle Biome does the same for the Jungle Theme.

  • Fan Palm Tree – 1×1
  • Jeep – 2×1
  • Mangrove Tree – 1×1
  • Mud Hut – 2×2
  • Orchid Tree – 1×1
  • Roasted Dino Meat – 1×1
  • Jungle Flower – wall item
  • Vine – 2×1 ceiling item
  • Jungle Wall
  • Jungle Floor

Swamp Theme:

In Chapter 14, I talked about Crawfish Week. This is the furniture theme associated with Crawfish Week.

  • Willow Tree – 1×1
  • Cattail – 1×1
  • Water Reed – 1×1
  • Lilypad – 1×1
  • Swamp Cabin – 2×2
  • Rowing Boat – 1×1 (chair)
  • Lantern Post – 1×1
  • Animated Crocodile – 2×1
  • Animated Frog – 1×1
  • Animated Pelican – 1×1 ceiling item
  • Dock – rug
  • Swamp Vista – wallpaper
  • Swamp Lake – carpet

Camping Theme:

Even though some of these items can be collected from the very beginning, all of them are exclusively campsite prizes.

  • Camping Cot – formerly a PWP
  • Lantern
  • Backpack
  • Propane Stove
  • Camping Stove
  • Compass
  • Map
  • Box of Cards
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Mountain Bike
  • Orange Tent Wall
  • Orange Tent Floor

Classic Classroom Theme:

This furniture theme is a revival of the GameCube Version’s Classroom Theme, but this is rather based on Happy Home Designer than New Leaf’s Classroom Set.

  • Basic Teacher’s Desk
  • Lefty Desk
  • Righty Desk
  • Chalkboard
  • Basic Teacher’s Chair
  • Hamster Cage
  • Mop
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Homework Set
  • Corkboard
  • Lunch Box
  • Classroom Wall
  • Classroom Floor

Modern Classroom Theme:

At the same time, I came up with another classroom theme in case if the other gets too big.

  • School Desk
  • School Chair
  • Worktable
  • Lecture Hall Desk
  • Lecture Hall Seats
  • Teacher’s Chair
  • Teacher’s Desk
  • Strapped Books
  • Left Platform
  • Right Platform
  • Podium
  • Desktop Mic
  • School Locker
  • Billboard
  • School Speaker
  • Modern Classroom Wall
  • Block Flooring

Sports Theme:

This is the last school theme, but this does not include what you find in a public gym.

  • Ball
  • Ball Catcher
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Baseball Set
  • Tennis Racket
  • Volleyball Net
  • Soccer Goal
  • Green Net
  • Scoreboard
  • Hurdle
  • Balance Beam
  • High Jump Mat
  • Vaulting Horse
  • Soccer-field Rug
  • Sporty Wall
  • Sporty Floor

Zen Theme:

The Zen Theme is a compilation of the ACNL Zen Set and a few more items.

  • Hearth
  • Hibachi
  • Low Screen
  • Lucky Frog
  • Paper Lantern
  • Paper Tiger
  • Paulownia Closet
  • Screen
  • Stair Dresser
  • Zen Phone Stand
  • Zen Screen
  • Samurai Suit
  • Black Katana
  • White Katana
  • Tatami Bed
  • Tokonama
  • Paper Wall Lamp – wall item
  • Zen Light – ceiling item
  • Shoji Screen
  • Tatami

Zen Garden Theme:

The last new theme is the Japanese Garden Theme, or the Zen Garden Theme.

  • Azalea Bonsai
  • Hawthorne Bonsai
  • Holly Bonsai
  • Jasmine Bonsai
  • Maple Bonsai
  • Mugho Bonsai
  • Pine Bonsai
  • Plum Bonsai
  • Ponderosa Bonsai
  • Quince Bonsai
  • Bamboo Fence
  • Garden Rock
  • Tall Garden Rock
  • Deer Scare
  • Tall Lantern
  • Bamboo Bench
  • Festival Lantern
  • Mortar Wall
  • Mossy Carpet

Furniture Sets

With some furniture sets out of the way, here is what’s left of these furniture collections with no carpet or wallpaper included:

  • Apple Set
  • Bear Set
  • Cactus Set
  • Café Set
  • Chess Set
  • Citrus Set
  • Dharma Set
  • Drum Set
  • Fish Set
  • Flower Set
  • Frog Set
  • Guitar Set
  • Hospital Set
  • House Plant Set
  • Insect Set
  • Lucky Cat Set
  • Museum Set
  • Office Set
  • Panda Set
  • Pear Set
  • Pine Set
  • String Set
  • Study Set
  • Totem Pole Set
  • Vase Set
  • Watermelon Set

It appears that five of the sets were expanded or compiled. As for the Nintendo Set, I though of expanding and splitting into three other sets:

  • Zelda Set
  • Pikmin Set
  • Mario Kart Set

The remaining items will be standalone. Some of the sets is going to be changed a bit (i.e. the Café set will include all Café prizes from ACNL.

Here are the new sets:

Nintendo Store Set:

Inspired by the Nintendo DLC in Happy Home Designer, this is a new set. You can only get these from the Jock villagers from the Sales Stand (see Chapter 10).

  • amiibo Stand
  • Wii U Game Stand
  • 3DS Game Stand
  • Gameboy Tower
  • Wii U Station
  • 3DS Station
  • Disk Writer

Nintendo Gaming Set:

This set includes almost all past consoles and handhelds of Nintendo. The only gaming piece of furniture is the Game Shelf, and that only has the GameCube (where Animal Crossing started from).

  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Gameboy Advance SP
  • DS
  • DSi XL
  • 2DS
  • New 3DS
  • New 3DS XL
  • NES
  • SNES
  • Nintendo 64
  • GameCube
  • Wii
  • Wii U

Arcade Set:

After Wild World came out, we’ve been seeing an increase in arcade furniture in Animal Crossing. But they don’t have a proper set yet.

  • Arcade Machine
  • Candy Machine
  • Capsule-Toy Machine
  • Crane Game
  • Pinball Machine
  • Prize Redemption Booth
  • Racing Simulator
  • Tabletop Game
  • Ticket Arcade Game
  • Ticket Redemption Machine

Studio Set:

Another furniture set to add is the Studio Set. It first started showing up in New Leaf. Time to compile these pieces into a furniture set.

  • Director’s Chair
  • Grass Standee
  • Mountain Standee
  • Partition Screen
  • Shrub Standee
  • Standing Spotlight
  • Tree Standee
  • TV Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Small Spotlight
  • Wall-Mounted Speaker

Library Set:

The Library Set is another of these compilation sets I came up with. It’s good for schools too.

  • Editor’s Chair
  • Editor’s Desk
  • Large Bookshelf
  • Small Magazine Rack
  • Large Magazine Rack
  • Computer Desk
  • Stack of Books
  • Glass-top Table
  • Simple Armchair
  • Simple Loveseat

Patchwork Set:

This is an already existing set, but it doesn’t count towards your score.

  • Patchwork Chair
  • Patchwork Dresser
  • Patchwork Lamp
  • Patchwork Sofa
  • Patchwork Table

Cardboard Set:

This is an already existing set, but it doesn’t count towards your score.

  • Cardboard Bed
  • Cardboard Chair
  • Cardboard Closet
  • Cardboard Sofa
  • Cardboard Table

Bayou Town Set:

This is a furniture set earned from Crawfish Week.

  • Building – stylized as a New Orleans building
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Trombone
  • Jambalaya

Illusion Set:

This is another one I came up with. Enjoy these mind tricking pieces.

  • Spinning Disc
  • Two-ways Cube
  • Motion Spiral
  • Optical Illusion Book
  • Mirror
  • Missing Triangle – wall item

Tearoom Set:

Originally, I was going to put all of this into the Zen Theme, but after realizing how big it was, I decided to leave this in a set.

  • Zen Bench
  • Zen Desk
  • Zen Low Table
  • Large Tea Table
  • Round Pillow
  • Zen Cushion
  • Zen Chair
  • Zen Cupboard
  • Decorative Plate
  • Tea Table
  • Tea Tansu

Fireworks Set:

The last furniture set to cover in this chapter is the Fireworks Set. This is perfect for those who like watching the fireworks. You can only get this during the Fireworks Festival, just like the other Fireworks Festival items in New Leaf.

  • Firework Lamp
  • Fireworks Table
  • Fireworks Viewing Screen
  • Fountain Firework Chair
  • Rocket Closet

Cultural Sets

There’s one more type of furniture collection in the game, and that is the Cultural Sets. Remember when Gulliver gives you one item for every country he visits? This time, he will give away five different items, one at a time. Here are the following countries where you can have only five different items:

  • China
  • Korea
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Russia
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Peru

If you’re going for the United States or Japan, there are plenty of items you can get from these two. Animal Crossing is a Japanese game, and the US has several different cultures. Also notice how each state has different people based on region. For example, northern California is much different than southern California based on culture. If the US was split to different cultural sets, this is what it would be like:

  • New England
  • New York
  • DC
  • Midwest
  • South
  • Texas
  • Southwest
  • California
  • Northwest
  • Hawaii

As for Japan, there are tons of items.

Traditional Mode

All items I listed in this chapter will be in every tier of Traditional Mode. However, some items are obtained differently in certain tiers of Traditional Mode. For instance, all secret furniture series are no longer a secret. The Nooklings will sell them.

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