Store Renovations

Chapter 23
Main Street – a place where shops go. But do they expand after spending enough?

Most of the Idea Book was paying homage to New Leaf and Happy Home Designer by coming up with ideas based on their new features based on mayoral features, attraction management, town creation, character customization, and interior design. But it’s not limited to these. I have other ideas for the next Animal Crossing game, and it can stretch all over the game, not just enhancing specific parts of the game that I have more interest to.

When it comes to store renovation ideas, you would not be surprised to see me mention stuff about the Nooklings. In games past, we seen the mainstream store remodel after spending enough money, and this started in the GameCube Version, when Tom Nook was the shopkeeper. When you first create a town, it starts out with Nook’s Cranny, a small general store that looks old. But as you buy/sell/order more, he will get enough business to where he will expand his store. The first renovation is my favorite one – Nook ‘N’ Go, a small convenience store that sells a little more than what the general store did. What I liked about it was the light-up sign on the side, the orange and blue lights around the roof, and the front store design. It was the nicest looking one. What’s even better is that rather than opening for 13 hours a day like the other stores, it was open for longer. The next renovation is Nookway, a supermarket that can sell even more. I liked the design, but I hated Nook’s uniform on this one. And I am disappointed since I miss Nook ‘N’ Go. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. The last one is Nookington’s, a department store that sold more. I liked it better than Nookway, but the music was worse and the design of the outside was not as good looking. That was also when we were introduced to the Nooklings named Timmy and Tommy.

In Wild World, the renovation sequence remained the same, but what’s different is that all stores had the same amount of hours. The best one to stick with is Nookington’s. Why? It’s because it had the hair salon, which was a new feature at the time. In City Folk, the relationship between more items and longer hours began to make more sense while the Shampoodle split off from it. Nook ‘N’ Go had longer hours than both Nookway and Nookington’s, but it didn’t sell as much as the successors. Nookington’s had the most items sold, but it’s opening times are the shortest of the four stores. And Nookway stands in the middle.

In New Leaf, the store renovations began to change. Tom Nook no longer runs the store, so the Nooklings, who you will never see until you get Nookington’s, became the shop owners. Also notice that they don’t sell as many items as Tom Nook did, but their catalog services were much better. In addition, there was a fifth store, which became the fourth store in the game.

Nookling Junction was similar to Nook’s Cranny, but they sold less items, including no carpets, wallpaper, or medicine. T&T Mart resembled Nook ‘N’ Go, but was open for even longer. It also unlocks more features than other stores. Super T&T resembled Nookway, but had a similar layout to Nook ‘N’ Go. And T&T Emporium resembled Nookington’s, but with a different facade and GracieGrace as the additional store. T.I.Y. was rather a new store, but that sat in between the supermarket and department store.

While City Folk had a better relationship between size and hours, and how we got to pick what store we wanted, New Leaf actually shown how new store renovations unlock more items and features.

  • Nookling Junction – started with only furniture, stationary, wrapping paper, fortune cookie, and tools.
  • T&T Mart – medicine, carpets, and wallpaper unlocked. You can also order items off of the catalog.
  • Super T&T – wall items and melody paper unlocked.
  • T.I.Y. – music unlocked, and gardening store sold shrubs and house plants.
  • T&T Emporium – fertilizers unlocked. You can also get GracieGrace.

One of my least favorite differences between New Leaf and City Folk is how Super T&T had shorter opening times than T&T Emporium, even if it made more sense that the department store has shorter hours than a supermarket. I felt that it should be the other way around.

Aside to seeing the difference in stores, what else I like about it was how it shows how much progress your town went. Fresh new towns have Nookling Junction, and fully developed towns have T&T Emporium.

Unlocking other stores

If you haven’t unlocked the other stores, you will have a difficult time remodeling the related store. Just like in the last game, you’ll need to do some landscaping to unlock the gardening store, couple of shopping at the Able Sisters to unlock the shoe store, and more shopping at the Able Sisters to unlock the hair salon.

Nookling Stores

We already know about this, but due to the new items I mentioned in previous chapters, the Nookling Stores are going to have more room for some items.

The Nookling Junction is safe from where it’s at, which opens at 8:00 AM, and closes at 10:00 PM by default. The items they sell and the quantity is also fine. To remodel it, the Gardening Store must be open for at least 7 days, at least 25,000 Bells have been spent, and the mayor must have his/her permit obtained.

The next store, T&T Mart, is going to take a few changes. Here are the details according to my idea book:

Default hours: opens at 7:00 AM, closes at 1:00 AM.

Items Sold:

  • 1x stationary
  • 1x wrapping paper
  • 1x medicine
  • 1x fortune cookie
  • 2x wallpaper
  • 2x carpets or rugs
  • 2x tools
  • Megaphone, Toy Hammer, or Timer
  • 2x furniture
  • 1x Mini-Project

In addition, the catalog machine is unlocked. You can now order anything you once obtained in the catalog.

To wrap this up, the new features started with T&T Mart:

  • Catalog
  • Medicine
  • Slingshot, Toy Hammer, Megaphone, and Timer
  • Carpets, Wallpaper, and Rugs
  • Mini-projects

To remodel T&T Mart, 65,000 Bells have to be spent, and it must be open for at least 14 days. There’s also a new restriction, and this time, the mayor has to approve. You can say yes if you want a larger store, but if you like T&T Mart, you can say no. If you disapprove, you can still approve later, but once you approve, you cannot go back.

Super T&T will still be the third store. I suggest it needs a little revamping, but here are the details:

Default hours: opens at 8:00 AM, closes at 12:00 AM.

Items Sold:

  • 2x stationary
  • 1x wrapping paper
  • 1x medicine
  • 2x fortune cookies
  • 1x melody paper
  • 3x tools
  • Megaphone, Toy Hammer, or Timer
  • 2x carpets or rugs
  • 2x wallpaper
  • 3x furniture
  • 1x Mini-Project
  • 1x Wall Item

To wrap this up, the new features started with Super T&T:

  • Melody Paper
  • Wall Items

To remodel Super T&T, 100,000 Bells have to be spent, and it must be open for at least 21 days. Just like T&T Mart, you’ll get to decide whether you want to keep Super T&T or not. Timmy or Tommy will ask the mayor for approval, which decides whether or not you can keep the store. Saying yes will allow it to expand further, as there’s no going back.

T.I.Y. comes after Super T&T, and it sells even more. First, it will merge with the gardening store, which sells the same items like it did in T.I.Y. in New Leaf.

Default Hours: opens at 9:00 AM, closes at 11:00 PM.

Items Sold:

  • 3x stationary
  • 1x wrapping paper
  • 1x medicine
  • 2x fortune cookies
  • 1x melody paper
  • 1x music
  • 3x tools
  • Megaphone, Toy Hammer, or Timer
  • 2x carpets or rugs
  • 2x wallpaper
  • 3x furniture
  • 1x Mini-Project
  • 1x Wall Item
  • 1x Ceiling Item

To wrap this up, the new features started with T.I.Y:

  • Music
  • Ceiling Items
  • Gardening Store merger
  • House plants

To remodel T.I.Y, 240,000 Bells have to be spent, and it must be open for at least 30 days. At this point, you can approve or disapprove to decide whether you want T.I.Y. or T&T Emporium.

T&T Emporium is the last store you’ll unlock. Like last time, there are three stories. Unlike last time, you can’t have a GracieGrace, which gives even more room for the Nooklings to sell more items.

Default Hours: opens at 9:00 AM, closes at 9:00 PM.

Items Sold (first floor):

  • 4x stationary
  • 1x wrapping paper
  • 3x fortune cookies
  • 1x melody paper
  • 1x medicine
  • 2x music
  • 3x tools
  • Megaphone, Toy Hammer, or Timer
  • 2x saplings
  • 2x starts
  • 3x flower seeds
  • Axe
  • Watering Can
  • Fertilizer
  • 1x house plant

Items Sold (second floor):

  • 6x furniture

Items Sold (third floor):

  • 3x wall items
  • 2x ceiling items
  • 1x Mini-project
  • 3x carpets or rugs
  • 3x wallpaper

At this point, no new features are unlocked.

On a side note, I would suggest that the Nooklings’ uniform on the T&T Emporium do include pants, just for a change.

What the Nooklings sell:

In addition to the renovations, whatever they sell have to change. Here are the items they do sell:

  • Basic items (including household goods)
  • Nintendo handhelds and consoles (fortune cookies only)
  • Nintendo store items (fortune cookies only)
  • Secret furniture series (after cataloging them with one character)
  • Furniture series themes, and sets they sold in New Leaf (including some of the game idea like the Red Series and Yellow Series)
  • Majority the of carpets and wallpaper
  • Spotlight items
  • Mini-Projects
  • Majority of the ceiling items and wall items
  • Limited time items (like the Jingle Series)

And here’s what they don’t sell:

  • Holiday items received from special visitors or Isabelle
  • Other items received from special visitors (i.e. Saharah)
  • Items you can earn from nature, snow people, or Treasure Hunt
  • Toys
  • Instruments
  • Food
  • Balloons
  • Fans (not stuff like the fan and wall fan, but the handheld fans)
  • Pinwheels
  • Mario Theme
  • Zelda Set
  • Pikmin Set
  • Mario Kart Set
  • Other Nintendo items
  • Beauty items
  • GracieGrace items
  • Museum items
  • Island items
  • Re-Tail exclusives
  • DLC
  • House plants (though Leif sells them)
  • Prizes

Ables Stores

Yes, this is rather fairly new since the Able Sisters never remodeled in previous games. As more new clothes come out, you should realize that the Able Sisters is too small to sell all types of clothes.

The Able Sisters is the first store. Wherever it was in New Leaf is good, so I suggest nothing new on this. Here are the details:

Default Hours: opens at 9:00 AM, closes at 9:00 PM.

Items Sold:

  • 3x tops or dresses
  • 3x hats
  • 3x facewear
  • 2x bottoms
  • 1x umbrellas

There are also 8 patterns and the pattern sewing machine owned by Sable. This time, she is always available.

To remodel the Able Sisters, you will need to spend at least 20,000 Bells and have the Shampoodle be open for at least 10 days. Also, like the Nookling expansions, Mabel will ask for approval if you want it to remodel.

The Ables’ Boutique is a larger store than the Able Sisters. This time, there’s only one room, and it’s a large one. There’s more space to the back and a lot wider in space.

Default Hours: opens at 8:00 AM, closes at 10:00 PM.

Items Sold:

  • 4x tops or dresses
  • 4x hats
  • 4x facewear
  • 4x bottoms
  • 2x coats
  • 1x neckwear
  • 1x gloves
  • 1x accessories
  • 1x umbrellas

There are also 10 patterns on display.

To remodel the Ables’ Boutique, you will need to spend at least 80,000 Bells and have the Ables’ Boutique open for at least 30 days. Also, like the Nookling expansions, Mabel will ask for approval if you want it to remodel.

The Ables’ Department is the final expansion. The store is kinda like Nookington’s from Wild World and a bit like T&T Emporium. The Shampoodle is where it was in Wild World, Mabel controls the first floor, Labelle and Kicks share the second floor, and a pattern shop owned by Sable is on the third floor.

Default Hours: opens at 10:00 AM, closes at 8:00 PM.

Items Sold (first floor):

  • 5x tops or dresses
  • 5x bottoms
  • 3x coats
  • 2x gloves
  • 3x neckwear
  • 2x accessories

Items Sold (second floor):

  • 5x hats
  • 5x facewear
  • 1x umbrellas
  • 6x shoes
  • 4x socks

On the third floor, you can have up to 12 patterns on display.

Traditional Mode

There are some features where every tier is different to each other and Sandbox Mode, and this is one of them.

  • Tier One – this time, all stores are opened at start rather than unlockable. But you can still object to store renovations or not.
  • Tier Two – only the Nooklings will remodel their stores. Mini-projects and ceiling items will be replaced with actual furniture instead while T&T Emporium has only two floors instead of three. Also, 2 wall items, 3 carpets, and 3 wallpaper are only sold in the second floor of T&T Emporium. You also can’t prevent renovations.
  • Tier Three – only the Nooklings will remodel, and no wall items or music can be sold. Plus, the shoe store looks beaten down and not able to enter.

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