Treasure Hunt: A New Holiday

Chapter 27
Potential prizes from Treasure Hunt.

In Chapter 14, I mentioned that I had a holiday idea, which is based on the long lost Acorn Festival from Wild World, combined with Bunny Day. The reason why I came up with this was because in one of the biomes (see Chapter 7), it doesn’t snow. That means, you cannot build snow people or get their items. Yes, I can see that Nintendo would want to encourage trading to make the game more interactive, but not everybody would want to travel out of town. This chapter isn’t going to be long, but it has adequate information about what I expect in the next game.

The solution, come up with an event where you can earn these items. In each biome, you can only collect two or three of the eight special furniture collections (snowman, ice, mush, straw, winter village, winter sports, fall forest, and jungle). Other than the Forest, the Snowboy always gives out the Snowman Series while the Snowmam gives out the Ice Series. You’re also more likely to receive gifts from the Snowboy in the Tundra biome than the Snowmam, but it’s the other way around in the Desert. The Snowman gives out the Winter Sports theme (or Ski theme) in the Desert biome, and Winter Village in the Tundra biome.

Aside to the snowpeople items, the falling leaves can be items from a furniture theme. The Jungle Theme is to the Jungle biome as the Fall Forest theme is to the Forest biome. You can also pull weeds to collect the Straw Series. It’s easier to collect it in the Jungle biome, but harder in the Forest biome. The Mush Series is from collecting mushrooms, which is more common in the Forest biome than in the Jungle biome.

So in each biome, here are the dominant themes:

  • Jungle – Straw, Jungle
  • Forest – Mush, Fall Forest
  • Desert – Ice, Winter Sports
  • Tundra – Snowman, Winter Village

Holiday Information:

Treasure Hunt is a week-long event that begins on the first Monday after the first of the month, or the first Monday after Labor Day in September. It occurs only in January, May, and September. The event takes place at the plaza, as treasure is buried all over the town.

The series and themes given out during the event depends on the month and biome. Typically, the Ice Series and Winter Sports Theme are always given out in January, the Straw Series and Jungle Theme are given out in May, and the Mush Series and Fall Forest Theme are given out in September. The Snowman Series and Winter Village Theme can replace one of them, depending on the biome.

  • In the Tundra biome, since they are the dominant themes, it’s unavailable from the Treasure Hunt event. So play with the snow people for those.
  • In the Desert biome, both these themes are given out in January instead of the Ice Series and Winter Sports Theme.
  • In the Jungle biome, both these themes are given out in May instead of the Straw Series and Jungle Theme.
  • In the Forest biome, both these themes are given out in September instead of the Mush Series and Fall Forest Theme.

The point of the game is to dig up treasure and giving them to Isabelle or Redd, who are both at the Plaza. You have all the way from the beginning of the event until Sunday to get the treasure.

Scoring System:

All around town, there are pieces of treasure buried underground, but only four types. As you give treasure pieces away to Isabelle, you will earn more points. The points are you currency, to spend on items at Redd’s stand.

  • Gold Coins (stack of 15) – 10 points
  • Jewels (all in a sack) – 25 points
  • Golden Statue – 50 points
  • Diamond – 100 points

100 pieces of treasure are buried daily. For every 25 pieces of treasure, there are:

  • 10 gold coin stacks
  • 8 sacks of jewels
  • 6 golden statues
  • 1 diamond

Getting the Prizes:

Getting the prizes from Treasure Hunt can be done in two ways, but to get certain items, you’ll have to do it one way.

Items from the furniture series of the event can be obtained at Redd’s stand. Each have a certain cost, and you’ll have to spend your points. And guess what! They cost a lot of points. You can only earn up to 2800 points a day, and the cheapest item is 700 points. Of course, the most expensive item is no more than 2100 points. Not to mention, but certain item series cost differently. The Ice Series is generally the most expensive, as the Straw Series is the cheapest.

To get items from furniture themes, you’re gonna have to give treasure pieces to Redd instead of Isabelle. If you give him four stacks of gold coins, three sacks of jewels, two golden statues, and a diamond, you will be given a treasure chest. Giving a treasure chest to Isabelle will result in her giving you an item from the associated furniture theme.

Re-Tail Price:

Selling treasure at the Re-Tail will make some Bells. For every stack of coins sold, you get 100 Bells. For each sack of gems, you get 200 Bells. For every statue, you get 300. For every diamond, you get 2000.

Traditional Mode:

Other than Tier One of Traditional Mode, which still has biomes, this event will not occur in Traditional Mode. You will get all items, regardless of biome. You’ll just get them on different times of the year.

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