Logic Problem #3 – Christmas Decorating


Andrea decided to decorate five houses for the deer villagers. Each of them have a theme that focuses on a certain aspect of Christmas (Jingle, Snowman, Ice, Sweets, and Card Series). As a bonus, Andrea added two trinkets to each house. One of them is a festive tree, and the other is an extra gift. However, like always, Andrea cannot decorate all houses at once. Therefore, she focuses on one at a time. From the information provided, can you find out which villager had what theme, with what gift in what order?


Category A – Villagers:

  • Bam
  • Fauna
  • Erik
  • Diana
  • Zell

Category B – Furniture Series:

  • Jingle Series
  • Snowman Series
  • Ice Series
  • Sweets Series
  • Card Series

Category C – Extra Gift:

  • Snowglobe
  • Holiday Candle
  • Stuffed Stocking
  • Festive Wreath
  • Shaved-Ice Lamp

Category D – Order:

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Fifth


  • Clue #1 – The first house Andrea decorated included the Shaved-Ice Lamp. HEr last project was a card-themed house.
  • Clue #2 – Andrea decorated Fauna’s house some time before Erik’s house, but some time after Diana’s house (which had the Sweets theme).
  • Clue #3 – Andrea decorated the Ice-themed house some point after decorating Zell’s house, but at least some time before she decorated the house with the Stuffed Stocking.
  • Clue #4 – Bam’s house and the second house Andrea decorated had the Snowman Series and Stuffed Stocking, in some order.
  • Clue #5 – Both the Snowglobe and the Festive Wreath were in Zell’s house and the house with the Jingle Series, in some order.
  • Clue #6 – Fauna’s extra gift was a Holiday Candle.